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  • Selmun Barracks

    it is about time that we take care of this area in Selmun. My suggestion is that we convert this area into a 'Military' style tourist attraction. the barracks will have to be built in the same way as they are and converted into 'rooms' where people can book and pass a short holiday there. the military style attraction means that the people taking care of this area will be organising military style life like breakfast in the morning in a common canteen, dressed in military uniforms, doing some military training and also organising events in a military style like jeep tours, cultural outings visiting military museums and sites. Even the layout will be like a military style but with modernisation of the place, this will lead to a good upkeep of the area. i will be willing to explain more this idea in person

  • Separation cases, system flawed.

    Anything relating to justice, like courts, lawyers, mediations etc should be rethought, and reconfigured. During bonaria separation cases the lawyers discuss between themselves (when they remember) at their own speed, many at times leaving their clients waiting even for months with relative simple cases taking years. One lawyer says I had sent emails to their lawyer while the other lawyer says they never received them, and weeks and months are lost while any people and their children remain unsettled not being able to move on with their lives creating tension and frustration for their families. A website for mediation cases should be made available so anyone who logs in has only his case showing, the cases are not visible to anyone else. The site will, show all correspondence and relative dates between the lawyers and mediators, and also the latest achievements of the case, so that everything is transparent! A lot of people are going from bonaria to court because their lawyers are not always transparent and not always following up their case on a regular basis. Both parties think that eachother are playing delaying tactics while lawyers are taking more work in than they can really handle. The whole system forces troubled individuals into heavy delays and in the meantime to cough up their life long savings. It needs a complete overhaul so that it truly serves the families and not those who run the system!

  • Serious and honest people in high positions in Malta.

    This is what we need when a new government is elected. This is the key to many of the huge problems the Maltese Islands are facing. We have to ensure transparency, professionalism, honesty, maturity and these people exist. A huge effort has to be made to lure such people in government high positions. People who can offer foresight, creativity and innovation. People who will build formidable teams within their dept. Let's move on. We need a really good change.

  • Service Charge on Water and Electricity Meters

    If when applying for a new service, one pays for the installation, why should we continue on paying for its service charge? For sure, this is already included in the existing tariffs!! So why paying again?

  • Smoking cessation support

    Helping people stop smoking is crucial to promote long term health … and save healthcare costs. Quitline do an excellent job but resources are limited and patients cannot access smoking cessation medications for free. Nicotine patches used to be available for free for smokers admitted to hospital but under the current administration this is no longer so. My suggestion: - implementation of nicotine replacement medication (patches and gum) and Champix tablets on schedule 5 for patients to access for free - reinstatement of inpatient access to nicotine replacement therapy - increased community smoking cessation clinics, public health campaigns and Quitline support

  • Social Media Outreach

    Let's create three Facebook groups. One officially run by the party with posting restricted to party officials and elected members and candidates, a group for paid up members and one for general discussion.

  • solar panels

  • Some Points on Proper Transparency

    A democratic government is voted in power by the people and for the people. This is why citizens deserve to be aware of what is going on in their country and what is being done with their taxes and national insurance contributions. This can only be accomplished with the right amount of transparency from the government. Just a few points on how the government can aim to be more transparent are as follows: Full financial and planning transparency on all public projects and contracts by implementing a “taxpayer needs to know” policy. No more shady deals and surprises essentially. Collaboration with opposition parties to work on projects and the implementation of meritocracy whereby praise and dues are given to those members of parliament that have good and effective ideas that are implemented, regardless of which party they form part. Huge decrease in implementation of “positions of trust” is vital. Call for applications for all public workers, especially above a certain pay grade, and transparency in the form of notifications of who is appointing to the highest echelons of the public service. Full disclosure and transparency on all requests for proposal for all public projects, using technology to decrease reliance on humans and making this information more readily available to all citizens (the government gazette is no longer a viable source of information for the general population). Introduction of law requiring separation of political parties from media branches for reduction of bias - breaches punishable and enforced by BA without prejudice. This is already being tackled by an ongoing case so progress is there. Changes to political party financing whereby parties are financed by the taxpayer and therefore only accountable to them. All party accounts must be audited by a trusted third-party to ensure no abuses take place. This will also produce a more level playing field for all parties so that they are voted in for their policies and not their fancy ad campaigns.

  • Specialists fees refund to over 60’s

    The proposal of free doctors in the community for over 60’s is a good start. May I suggest that the concession be extended also to the specialists fees for the same age bracket. Currently if one is referred to a specialist at Mater Dei, there is a long waiting time to be called as an outpatient. Sometimes the condition of the patient will require an urgent review by a specialist and in such cases consultations need to be carried out privately. The private consultations with specialists and consultants are currently costing anything in the region of €70 fee plus €6 clinic fee. This measure will help pensioners to seek the help of specialist and consultants as early as possible to deal with the ailment. The same goes for investigations, which require a long waiting list in certain cases to be carried out at private clinics which have the right certified equipment.

  • Spots Politiċi

    Dawn is-spots politiċi fuq l-istazzjon tat-TV u radju tal-partit nazzjonalista misshom ilhom li bdew, mhux għadhom lanqas bdew jidhru u/jew jinstemgħu! Dawn iridu jkunu qosra u 'to the point' u jidhru fl-aktar mumenti opportuni u popolari.

  • Sptar Għall-Annimali

    Nixtieq nipproponi proposta lilkom bħala Partit Nazzjonalista. Naħseb li llum il-ġurnata fis-sena 2021 wasal iż-żmien li jkun hawn sptar tal-annimali nazzjonali li joffri servizzi għal kull min ikollu bżonn jieħu l-pets tiegħu għal kura. Dan jista jibda milli parti mill-ispejjeż ikunu koperti b' kumpens mill-Gvern u l quddiem jasal biex l-ispejjeż kollha jkunu covered mill-Gvern. Dan qed ngħidu għaliex l-ispejjeż jafu jkunu kbar biex owners ta' pets jmorru għand-veterinarju privati u fuq kollox dawk li għandhom il-pets iħallsu taxxi wkoll. Fl-opinjoni tieghi din il-proposta hija importanti wkoll jekk iridu ntejbu l-ambjent tagħna għaliex b'hekk nies li forsi xtaqu jsiru pet owners imma baqgħu lura minħabba problemi ta' flus; issa jaħsbuha mod ieħor. Apparti minn hekk jitnaqqas il-piż minn fuq ix-xelters tal-annimali. B'din il-proposta nistgħu nnaqqsu wkoll l-problema ta' abbandun tal-annimali u/jew annimali jiġru fit-toroq abbandunati. Napprezza l-ħin tiegħkom biex taqraw dan il-messaġġ. Nittama li din il-proposta tittieħed inkonsiderazzjoni u grazzi mill-ġdid.

  • Stop focusing on what PL is doing and look within to see what you guys are doing, or not......

    I saw one of your billboards again focusing on PL. Isn't it time you had a deep look within and discussed what needs to change there instead of fixating on the external? Every day I live in hope that the opposition will become a strong, unified focused party engaged in taking action on pressing issues for Malta and her people. There is so much work to be done just to pick up the pieces of your broken party, apart from creating a sense of trust and faith in you. The dinosaurs need to get out of the picture fast if you want to appeal to a varied cross section of society and move with the times, in a no-nonsense and practical manner. I know this comment will probably fall on deaf ears but being an eternal optimist I still believe this can be done. It's the only way credibility will be gained with those who are disillisioned with you. And don't forget that women make up 50% of your electorate as well, also food for thought when paving the way forward. Good luck.

  • Stop manipulating commercial markets

    Both the Nationalist Party and the Labour Party are currently manipulating commercial markets through the use of the commercial entities. Let's look at you and Media.Link Communications. You haven't published your accounts in over a decade, you have massive dues that you are struggling to keep up with and then you move money from political donations into this company to make up for the commercial shortfall. You use your position as a political party to run a commercial enterprise in a way that no private entity could - that is market manipulation. Publish your company's accounts, and stop laundering political donations into a commercial entity, clean up your act and be at the forefront of change. Once your game is cleaner than the PL's we can take your message seriously.

  • Stormy waters. But there is hope, Malta/Gozo.

    am sailing I am sailing Home again 'Cross the sea I am sailing Stormy waters To be near you To be free I am flying I am flying Like a bird 'Cross the sky I am flying Passing high clouds To be near you To be free Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Through the dark night, far away I am dying, forever crying To be with you, who can say

  • Studenti - Suġġeriment 1

    Is-soċjeta' Edukattiva Maltija m'hija xejn jekk ma nagħtux valur lil istudent. Jien qed nipropona ħajja ideali u aktar komda għall-istudent fosthom: - Żieda fl-istipendju - Airconditions f'kull skola/Kulleġġ/universita ta' Malta - Aktar tagħlim fuq l-għarfien tal-ħajja sesswali - Iffokar biex innaqsu it-toqol tal-basket tal-istudent billi ninkludu il-kotba fuq oġġetti elettroniċi - Għażliet għal suġġetti edukattivi fejn jidħlu snajja f'kull skola - Għażla għal għajnuna psikoloġika b'xejn għal studenti li jkollhom problemi psikoloġiċi speċjalment lil studenti li jkollhom il-ġenituri separati/divorzjati. Dawn huma suġġerimenti li jistaw itejbu il-kwalita' ta' ħajja tal-istudent. Li l-istudent ikollu għażla varja fejn jidħlu suġġetti akkademiċi hija ta' benefiċju kbir lejn in-naħa tal-istudent. Inżommu f'moħħna li jekk student ma jkollux għażla varja fit-tielet sena sekondarja u ma jolqtu l-ebda suġġett għaliex ikun miġbud lejn is-snajja, ma jkollu l-ebda għażla ħlief li jistudja suġġetti kontra qalbu.

  • Student tal-medicina fl-ahhar sena (IMP!)

  • Suggestions to included in next election manifest

    1. Buy land from people in the outskirts but within the development zone and covert it to green areas... *pay rent to people having fields not in use and plant trees... * invest in watering drones so that areas can remain green all year round * Each city/village should have a building criteria. Ex. Only houses with 2 stories in a specific shape, colour. I understand that it is difficult now to revert the damage... But whoever plans to live in an area would know the restrictions. If I want to live in a 10 storey condo I can move to village A.. If I am ready to build in line with the requirements of village B then well and good. Our buildings are a havoc and just leave no sense on tranquility when you look at them. * pay teachers like professionals... * increase minimum wage but give incentives to the employer. * calculate the value of the money that were stolen from corruption and commit to give them back to the people, not in capital investment.. But directly in their pockets... Whether if its in vouchers, investment plans or tax rebates.. People want money in their pocket. If money is stolen and they are not affected they don't care. But if they know that if this money is not stolen they stand to gain personally I think it would be a different story.

  • Supply Teachers/Peripatetic Teachers/ Educators in specialised subjects such as music

    Dear Dr. Bernard Grech, I have been following your program Q&A and I wish to address the following issue. Many graduate teachers have been employed as supply teachers for a good number of years and were promised to be offered an indefinite contract. So far teachers like myself Music Teacher and others are still feeling insecure regarding our future. Abroad graduates only have to study PGDE to obtain a permanent warrant. This system used to work for Malta too. Presently graduate teachers like myself have been left in limbo. Thank you for the great support throughout this difficult time. Good luck and Regards Mr F Borg (Music Teacher)

  • Survey.

    The survey of today shows very clearly that we still have a long way to go. One has to look into this survey in more detail, though. There are many who are still undecided and who might have opted not to reply. If this % is over 20%, then the future is bright. In my opinion, the next month is the month where all the party's efforts and hard work is necessary. My advice is to continue communicating with as simple words as possible to make more clear the financial situation, the fact that today employees are so hard to find and why. Why the cost of living is increasing regularly. Why there is no coordination whatsoever on the closing of so many roads, with no planning. Why a bit of rainfall causes flooding. I can go on for days. If we plan well and have competent people who will assure synergie and team work between various gov depts, we shall solve several big problems. What is sure is that we need a quick change. A quick change for our future generations.

  • survey issued by Times of Malta

    the survey issued by times of malta yesterday about youths is a clear indication where the PN should start to work immediately. this has to be the basis of the election campaign and we need to work hard to get the youths back to the party. we need to offer the youths a comfortable choice that they will not need to go abroad to have a decent life but to stay here and help this country move forward. i feel that this is the strategy that the PN must work on - can we figure out those 60 % who said they will leave are inclined to the labour side? if we mange to get them on board that will be great