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  • Cyber crime u it focusing on hate speech

    A cyber crime unit focusing on fining ppl for hate speech on social media. This will destroy the labour propaganda and allow for freedom of speech

  • Dear Decision Makers - A campaign for reproductive rights in Malta

    Dear Decision Makers, The women whose heart-wrenching stories you are about to read, are not numbers. They are not statistics, or “one in a million” cases. They are not “murderers” or “immoral”. They are real people. They have names. They are human beings in their own right, who, regardless of their relation to others, deserve access to healthcare. When you read their stories, do not read them in isolation of their socially and legally constructed predicament. These stories, undoubtedly, are a direct consequence of Malta’s blanket ban on abortion. They are a result of your complacency and complicity. In this country, the human right to bodily autonomy is lost the moment a person becomes pregnant. Despite being a living, fully actualised human-being, it is not uncommon for such individuals to be treated as lesser than their own pregnancies. Through these stories, allow yourself to be immersed by their experiences. Understand the gravity of your actions, or lack thereof. Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect and ensure the wellbeing of citizens in Malta. Their role does not exist to vilify and abandon women in vulnerable positions for political gain. When you read their stories, understand that for every day abortion remains criminalised, you continue to fail them. Additionally, remember to be kind; these stories were not shared out of a desire to recount their experiences, but for the sake of ensuring that no other person will have to endure the same suffering. For that, we are grateful and indebted to them. Do not separate your responsibility from these stories: take in every word, and hold yourself accountable. Use this link to access the stories: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PwoVcw0m4nIvLv3CP1Q8O6vn3bVlYb8C/view?usp=sharing Signed, Laura Paris & Emily Galea

  • Decentralising some govt services from Floriana/Valletta

    my suggestion is that the local councils should provide an 'office' where Inland Revenue workers can support people from various localities in the area so that there will be no need for the people to go to Floriana and stay after a long queue to get a service. Although there is the online service, some people still feel that going personally is the best way. Knowing the fact that Malta is small island and people know each other, my idea is to have workers at the local council within the area of the vicinity. EX lets say the Fgura local council will be offering this service, employees working at the Inland Revenue coming from the south area will be offering this service twice a week. Ex someone from Marsaskala can drive to Fgura and offer this service there. Today all you need is a VPN and connect directly to the igovt system. like this people in Fgura will be able to go to the council offices and get the service from there, this should start as a pilot exercise and then start to be implemented across the island. Other services can be intorduced as well.

  • Decriminalise abortion

    Please re-consider your position vis-a-vis this important topic of huge relevance to the hundreds of women and girls in Malta having abortions each year. Being pro-choice does not make you pro-abortion. Just tone down the "favur il hajja" mantra and consider how this will change the way younger voters will react. Meanwhile, engage with pro choice activists and show that you really mean it when you say that you are listening.

  • Dedicated areas for transgender people during gynee surgeries

    I am a transgender guyand whenever i visit materdei for my gynee appointments,i end up always with a bunch of pregnant ladies. This is breaking people like me into pieces

  • Deficit

    How important it is to emphasise the Maltese Islands deficit. Not everybody really understands what this means for our present and future. Not many will understand what a handicap this is and what can happen. Is there a solution? Which? Explain. This merits a few billboards.

  • Deficit.

    Can somebody explain, not in detail, but as brief as possible, what the deficit means in terms of what the govt is paying daily financially? What the total cost, to date, is the total value of what we lost due to corruption? What is an estimated total of over payments the population have paid in electricity and water bills? What else? Add them all up. What is the outflow per day? There are positive items in the budget, but I cannot really see any drastic changes. The people need to understand somehow, what is this result, in very, very brief. Billboards wil also help apart from the social media.

  • Depoliticize the civil service

    Abolish the ‘person of trust’ appointments and establish an independent office for public appointments

  • Dione Borg

    Just to let you know that Dione Borg's programme on Net FM are really the thing PN needed on Radio. He conducts the programmes in an impeccable manner. He is very capablle of replying to 'difficult' phone-ins without being patronising or critical. Thank you very much. I do believe that the Radio is more effective than TV as one can listen in to programmes whilst tackling household chores or is stuck in traffic ! TV programmes are OK but one tends to be distracted by the studio layout and the presenter's dress and attitude. Once agani, thank you and let us have more of these programmes onces the elections are looming and we sorely need to step up propaganda. Ethel Abela life-member.

  • Domestic waste collection monitoring

    Hundreds should be employed by the government to monitor problematic areas where waste collection is monitored/investigated and serious penalties to those who do not abide by the rules. This is a serious problem that angers many. Lesa is not cutting it, reports are constantly made and fall on deaf ears. The first politician that raises this point will have thousands of votes.

  • Do we really want a change? If we do, then read this.

  • Eco-Tourism Focus

    People are looking more and more towards ways of off-setting their carbon footprint and contributing towards an eco-friendly way of living both at home and abroad. Malta could act as an eco-friendly destination with the aim of implementing eco-initiatives across the island to not only improve tourism prospects for those people that appreciate eco-friendly destinations and spend a lot of money to enjoy them, but also improve the lives of residents by making their home more sustainable, cleaner and an overall better place to live. The creation of a strategy to implement initiatives that will transform the island into an eco-friendly destination should be focused on, seeing as tourism is one of our main sources of income as a country. These initiatives will have a number of benefits, including but not limited to: - Higher net-worth individuals visiting the country to stay at "eco-resorts" and spend more while here - More diverse job pool for the tourism industry due to newly created industries and services - A better place for locals to live as a result of the eco-friendly initiatives for one of the top economic sectors in the country. These initiatives can come in many shapes and forms and I've included a few suggestions in the comments section.

  • Efimova and Ferris

    I suggest you pledge to give Efimova and Ferris whistleblower status once the PN is in government.

  • Electoral reform and party financing before anything else

    First things first. The first obvious thing that needs to be implemented is a radical change in the electoral system and party financing rules. Unless the political parties stop being financed, I say underhandedly, by big business, this country will always remain in the deep pits. No need to invent the wheel, just follow what other real democracies have implemented. 1) No more electoral districts, candidates are elected from a nationwide vote similar to European Parliament elections, this will strongly reduce selling oneself for votes in the district and it benefits mostly the candidate himself/herself. This will also open the possibility of voting a third party which is needed in this country. 2) Full time politicians and substantial increase in salary of politicians. This should come in place after establishing clear and appropriate sanctions for politicians caught doing ANY form of business. 3) State party financing. Donations are strictly limited to one or 2 maximum tv or other telethons. Donation amount to be limited to very small value 4) The environment should be given true priority. No gimmicks please. Let's start by reviewing the local plans and cut out the intended loopholes. Scrap immediately the infamous "fuel stations" policy or the "rural" policies. ODZ to be really ODZ, meaning NO DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED FOR WHATEVER REASON. Government should create a national fund and start buying strategically situated property from owners (at market price) in order to give it back to the people in the form of family parks (real ones not fake concrete parks) and other environmentally friendly projects. 5) Remove political parties once and for all from local councils. 6) This one is also crucial. Reform the educational sector, lengthen the school hours so that kids can do the homework, sports and other activites in the after hours. No more parents driving children to extra curricular activities, these should be held in schools. This will reduce traffic and will make it possible to introduce alternative transport from A to B. Without the educational reform, alternative transport will always fail. These are just a few of the proposals which come to mind but there are hundreds more that can be implemented if there is the will to create a real change for the better. The nationalist party needs to start being bold, half measures won't do.

  • Electric Cars

    1. Charging points obligatory in all new apartments block 2. Garages obligatory in all apartment block - remove the option of paying a fee to remove garages. 3. Charging point s obligatory in all public car park like supermarkets, cinema, shopping complex etc. 4. Install points in all car park areas like ghadira, sliema, etc. 5. Reserved public car spaces for only electric cars. 6. Only Electric cars can go in town village cores, like Valletta, Floriana, etc.

  • Electric modes of transport

    In order to ensure the take-up of electric mobility users need to be helped but not only financially. Some suggestions: 1) All new buildings/ apartment blocks and office should be obliged by law to have a number of charging posts in their respective garage or pay a hefty fine that will go towards charging stations in the locality. 2) Office blocks should be obliged to provide showers and secure parking spaces for bikes. 3) Long term and open ended/ongoing grants should be made available for the purchase of electric bikes. 4) Bus lanes need to be introduced without delay. 5) Siemens have teamed up with Ubitricity to provide charging points on street lamp posts. This technology is available. Malta needs thousands of such charging stations/points and not a trickle a year. 6) Electric scooters need dedicated parking spaces across every locality as has been done in London. Photo attached.

  • Elevating the Poverty Trap in Malta !

    Poverty traps are real in Malta and all across the world. The social benefits provided by government may hinder people from moving up the social ladder due to feeling comfortable and earning income by doing nothing. We need to incentives people to work and actually move out away from social benefits. Many initiatives and ideas come to mind so feel free to contact me and we can discuss. Self Sufficient living homes are an example - Carers and the carer system .... Should everyone be able and allowed to apply as a live in carer ? even without the necessary qualifications? Definitely not --- lets educate people and create a better society.

  • Employee retention.

    Today we have a major crisis to ensure that the employer finds the right employees. Not only are employees scarce but very few companies are giving priority to employee retention. Moreover, one asks, why are teachers, health care workers leaving their jobs? Can others, such as police officers, be fully motivated and efficient? Respect? Recognition? Remuneration? Lack of planning? A new government has to address all these issues and more. A long term plan is required, together with a short term plan. Do we accept that poor planning is the outcome of many an issue? What we really need are people who respect people, via transparency, honesty, planning, innovation, creativity and to ensure that together we all form formidable teams at place of work. This is what I want to see done and this is actually what I would like to do.

  • Employee retention.

    EMPLOYEE RETENTION. I honestly feel that it is now high time to legally enforce removal of certain text placed in situations vacant. The most alarming is this one. "willing or ready to work under stress" In my humble opinion, such statements throw a very bad light on the company seeking new employees. This only shows that the company either dios not have the right culture, or the right leadership, or the right structures in place, or the employees are just a number, or the management is falling apart. Why should we work under stress? If there is really a lot if stress at any workplace, something is very abnormal and incorrect. I would agree to be employed to eliminate stress but not to work under stress. Stress and anxiety only gets to burn outs, many errors, no motivation, no innovation, no creatitivity. Stress also is the cause of family problems, big time. E L I M I N A T E. E D U C A T E. M A N A G E C H A N G E. WE ARE IN THE 20TH CENTURY. PLEASE.

  • Employer Funded Retirement Plan

    Similar to 401k. An employer funded retirement plan (encouraged by state with tax breaks) to start a retirement fund with employer matching the contribution of employee. Funds can be used either at retirement or to finance first property.