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Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



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  • Encourage year round tourism

    Start a think tank to figure out how Malta can both grow tourism and also to spread it out throughout the entire year. Malta is known as the country with over 300 days of sunshine, but this doesn't only occur for 2-3 months of summer. There is a good selling point to bring more tourists to Malta during the non summer months - this would create more stability throughout the hotel and catering industry jobs, a more consistent revenue stream for the hotel and catering industry as well as more income for the country in general. Spreading out tourism throughout the entire year will also spill over to other benefits, like reducing the over-population during the summer months. Summer over-population leads to overfilled beaches, overfilled public transport, sky rocketing accommodation prices, overbooked rentals etc. All of which would be well served by a more spread out source of tourism. In the end, such a strategy would improve the lives of Maltese citizens and would leave Malta a lively and more manageable place all year round, not just in Summer.

  • Environment & Agriculture

    When talking re environment & greenhouse effect, we tend to point our fingers to cars and other industries ... true, but we cannot ignore that agriculture is also harming the environment! Farmers should be encouraged via incentives to switch to organic farming and hence reduce use of pesticides and other chemicals that contaminate soil & water. Also, when possible, farmers should be given the opportunity to invest in aquaponics & vertical systems to grow crops.. these systems can be operated from urban / industrial areas. Aquaponics use 90% less water then traditional farming... no chemicals or pesticides.. land which was previously used for agriculture can be planted with trees such as olives ... hence aid reforestation.

  • Environmental issues

    To improve our environment : noise in Attard, Lija , Zebbug area should be controlled . Every entertainment entity especially those near ta Qali must adhere to noise abatement standard. Another issue regarding construction : construction within a radius of example 100 metres (this can be studied further) can only be allowed for only one construction at the same time. this would safeguard less noise and better air quality.

  • Excise Duty

    Remove the Excise duty on health and beauty products such as toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos, perfumes, soaps etc. This was introduced some years ago with the excuse that it will replace the ecotax but it was just an additional tax added on to importers which was then passed on to the consumers. It is an extra burden for importers which comes at a cost as they are also charged administration fees and handling costs due to this calculation and all.

  • Exile Aaron Farrugia to il-ġebla tal-ġeneral

  • Fact Checking News Reports and Press Releases

    Employ researchers and journalists, or get people who are passionate about different topics to fact check news items and press releases issued by government, ONE and TVM. Run video campaigns showing statistics and facts that go against their statements and catch them in lies or exaggerating certain things. With clear explainer videos showing official and research materials contradicting their claims. "It is not us saying it...its a fact". With a bit of effort from people who are in the know and who can find these facts fast, you can show that once they feel good with themselves laying about public facts, you can imagine what they do with facts that cannot be verified

  • Family

    I would like to point out that contraception should not be offered free to those not willing to start a family. I would much prefer counselling and guidance. For me contraception is something very immoral . It closes the door to life. Please do not promote contraception.

  • Family Affair

    I understand that on a radio program if any competition is held only members could participate but if the same presenter has another program on tv any competition should be open to everyone if the door is open for all! Let’s show it in our decisions taken 😉

  • Family Planning using a reproductive justice lens

    WHO and SDGs 3 and 5 for 2030 both mention the importance of proper family planning policies both from a health perspective (SDG 3.7) and also from a Gender Equality (SDG 5.6) perspective. Reproductive justice emphasises the importance for women's right to have children, not to have children and the right to parent those children in a safe and healthy environment. It combines the ideas of social justice and human rights for all and concentrates and puts women at the heart of the decision making process. Every woman is different and a one size fits all type of reproductive health and family planning policy is not conducive to a healthy society. The intersecting affects, of poverty, domestic violence, ones socioeconomic status, religion, race, sexual orientation all play an important role in family planning. 2030 is just over 8 years away and Malta is far from achieving any of these targets, placing us in worse positions than some developing countries. If you really care about women and the health of Maltese children and society in general Family Planning needs to be at the heart of your health care policies. Thank you

  • Ferry Trip from Marsa to Mgarr Gozo

    I suggest that we review the possibility that one of the Gozo Ferries will be able to do a trip(s) on Friday evening giving the possibility of all those handling cargo to go directly from Marsa (the place where shipping Contaniers arrive) to Mgarr. this will avoid the hassle for them to drive to Cirkewwa in the evening especially in Winter. They just will need to stay there and wait for the ferry to take them over. I am sure that the Ferry is capable of docking at Ras Hanzir or il Menqa where they can take up cargo or heavy vehicles. this in my opinion will be a great move for them knowing the fact that the trip from Sa Maison was removed.

  • Flyers.

    I sujjest for the party to at least start sending leaflets or flyers reminding to every household explaining the corruptionb and cost of living spikes we are experiecing. With the manipulation of the media i think its the only way to reach the people at least once every 3 weeks

  • Forthcoming elections.

    Let us all beware of the forthcoming budget and all the moves this govt is doing presently. YOU are responsible for this country's future and if not for us, for our children and grand children. Can we continue to accept all that has been happening and what will also happen in the future? Can we let our govt continue to increase the DEFICIT, continue to accept money laundering, continue to import employees into the govt sector, continue to charge high electricity and water bills, and I can go for hours. BEWARE. THE TIME HAS NOW COME TO RISE, TO ENSURE WE GET OUR DEMOCRACY BACK, TO ENSURE WE CAN LIVE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE DO. This is your Fight not only the PN's fight. Let's move on to a better FUTURE

  • Free Access to the Coast

  • Free contraception and more access to sexual health clinics

    In Malta, there is little or no importance given to sexual health and safe access to contraception. It is not a part of our culture to get tested regularly which results in undiagnosed infections that may cause serious harm and can be spread unknowingly. Our GU clinic, whilst effective is heavily understaffed and requires more investment to ensure that people who cannot afford to visit a private clinic are taking the necessary precautions. People should also be able to receive free contraception which may help with the rate of low income individuals having more children, and should also reduce the demand for unsafe abortions.

  • Free Medicins

    Disabled persons and elderly persons end up paying hundreds of Euros per month to buy vitamins and some other pills which they are prescribed by specialists but are not given to them for free by the Govt....I small example is the Rivarolto pills which cost €54 for 28 tablets...I.e.€ 54 a month apart from the cost of other pills/vitamins....

  • Free Rotary Carousel Parking Systems / Smart Parking

    Problema kbira f'pajjizna hija li meta tmur bil-vettura privata tieghek tasal u ma ssibx fejn tipparkja. Problema ohra 'lli hija attribwita minn hekk ukoll hija li it-toroq jifgaw habba l-volum kbir ta' karozzi pparkjati li jrendu problema qawwija sabiex il-vetturi li jkunu mexjin isibu li t-toroq komdi ghas-sewqan u dan specjalment jekk it-toroq ikunu qed jintuzaw b'direzzjonijiet opposti. U xi nghidu ix-xarabanks u vetturi kbar li jsibu t-toroq hekk u jridu jikkwartjaw u ma missu ma' xejn.... Soluzzjoni sostenibbli hija li jsiru karużelli ta' pparkjar b'xejn madwar il pajjiz kollu u niffrankaw hafna hela ta spazju bla bzonn u it-toroq jitnaddfu minn hafna vettura wieqfa. Il-Karużell huwa disinn kompatt għall-ipparkjar tal-vetturi vertikalment 'il fuq mill-art, vetturi li jduru bħal Ferris wheel u kollha f'disinn irqiq. Il-Karużell jirrikjedi biss iż-żona ta' żewġ spazji ta' parkeġġ, biex is-sistema tkun kompatta ħafna u tiffranka spazju prezzjuż. Il-vetturi jidħlu u joħorġu mil-livell tal-art u sid il-vettura jaghti l-istruzzjoni fuq screen minghajr intervent ta' parker u t-turntable idawwar il-vettura skont il-bzonn u f'inqas hin taccessa il-vettura bla inkonvenjet ta' xejn biex wara tihoda lura. Idejalment dawn l-istrutturi jistghu isiru f'hafna zoni vicin l-iskejjel, hwienet u centri essenzali bhal dak tas-sahha u aktar. L-ispazju f'pajjizna huwa ta' importanza kbira kif nuzawh u dan huwa wiehed essenzjali li jista' jsolvi hafna ugieh ta' ras ghal kullhadd.

  • Free specialist fees for over sixties

  • Full pensions and reduced pensions.

    All pensions shoud get the full ammount of any rise that the government gives. If you are on full pension you get the full rise. But if you are on a reduced pension you only get a persentage of the rise. Surely this is not helping the most vunerably on a reduce pension. First of all the government should give the full rise to all. Secondly as time goes by the rise for thr reduced pension should be bigger. That is the only way the country can start reducing the gap between the HAVES and the HAVENOTS.

  • Fuq il penzjoni tal pulizija

    Nahseb wasal iz zmien li l pulizija ma jibqawx jigu diskriminati fejn il-penzjoni tahom ma toghliex ma l gholi tal hajja. Ikun passa fhaqli ukoll ghax il pulizija nesew x ghamel mahom il Pn . Kull ma jiftakru z zidiet u l arretrati li ta l labour. Barra li din hija diskriminatorja li ma toghliex , it-tieni hafna pulizija zgur li tattirom ghax hi ingustizzja. Kuragg u grazzi hafna.

  • Gbir ta skart

    Nissuggerixxi li tiffokaw ftit fuq il gbir ta liskart, sistema falluta 100% taht il PL. Trakkijiet kolla joqtru li nittnu t toroq kolla spacjalment Bugibba, San Pawl area. Ma ninsewx il kampanja laburista fuq il maghtab qabel 2013! Nissuggerixxi wkol biex tahdmu ghal skema mil fondi EU sabiex kull propjeta tinata systema ta RO ghal ilma tax xorb u bhekk nehilsu min hafna plastic. Grazzi