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Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



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  • Change your position on abortion

    I was saddened to hear that the Nationalist Party is against the decriminalisation of abortion. As someone who hears from many Maltese women who need abortions for various reasons, I encourage you to reconsider your position. If you understood the difficulties and stress these women go through you would drop the populist "favur il-ħajja" slogan and do the right thing. You do not have to be in favour of abortion to remove a law that sends women and girls who have abortions to prison.

  • Specialists fees refund to over 60’s

    The proposal of free doctors in the community for over 60’s is a good start. May I suggest that the concession be extended also to the specialists fees for the same age bracket. Currently if one is referred to a specialist at Mater Dei, there is a long waiting time to be called as an outpatient. Sometimes the condition of the patient will require an urgent review by a specialist and in such cases consultations need to be carried out privately. The private consultations with specialists and consultants are currently costing anything in the region of €70 fee plus €6 clinic fee. This measure will help pensioners to seek the help of specialist and consultants as early as possible to deal with the ailment. The same goes for investigations, which require a long waiting list in certain cases to be carried out at private clinics which have the right certified equipment.

  • Never say die. We believe in YOU.

    Believe in us too. Come and help.

  • Regenerate with younger people, Unite and Strategize for the country and party

    Country ----------- Focus on Minimum Wage and Living Wage prospects. Salaries have been stuck for ages. A lot of people want this. Rent/Property pricing Environment - A modern infrastructure. Be quicker and more resilient than PL Party ----------- Align towards a young party with regenerative ideas just like JM did in 2013. Dinosours that have been around for decades haven't got a place. Just keep the ones with great experience, get rid of the disruptors and people causing internal issues. Bring people closer to the party by championing both Adrian Delia and Bernards people as one. Listen to LABOUR SUPPORTERS and PN FLOATERS by getting their critical feedback and acting on it. Very important! Blame the Government less and focus on unity and how youll take everyone on board. People will walk to the PN if you show them a united force, not if you criticise Labour or talk about corruption.

  • Internet in Malta. Can we assist when in Govt?

    The quality of internet in Malta is among the worst in Europe, according to a new study analysing the digital quality of life in 110 countries. The country’s internet quality ranked 59th overall, and in Europe it only beat Estonia, coming in at 37th. Malta’s internet stability was particularly poor, with both broadband and mobile internet found to be unstable, though mobile internet particularly so, and the country ranked 100th globally in this area. This category is especially important because it measures how fast and stable the internet connectivity in a country is and how well it’s improving, the study said. “The quality of the internet connectivity highly depends on its speed and stability,” it explained. “Slow and unstable connections inhibit daily use and diminish work efficiency, while fast and stable internet allows us to communicate better, enjoy high-quality content, and more. Consequently, it directly impacts the quality of one’s digital life.” Aside from internet quality, the 2021 Digital Quality of Life study analysed countries in terms of four key pillars: internet affordability, e-infrastructure, e-security and e-Government. The country ranked 40th globally, and 27th among the 38 EU countries on the list. It rated low in internet affordability and e-security categories, coming in at 43rd and 52nd respectively. The research indicated that the average Maltese resident has to work for two hours and 15 minutes to purchase the cheapest broadcast package, and six minutes 15 seconds for the cheapest 1GB of mobile internet. Broadband speed, network readiness, and artificial intelligence readiness were the country’s key strengths, and the country came in at 22nd, 24th, and 30th globally in these categories. Data for the 2021 edition of the survey was compiled by cyber-security firm Surfshark.

  • Jitwal il-ħin tal-programmi politiċi fuq Net FM

    Inħoss li huwa importanti li l-ħin allokat għall-programmi politiċi jittawwal speċjalment meta nafu kemm qegħdin fi żvantaġġ mal-Partit Laburista li qiegħed jinfluwenza l-aħbarijiet tal-istazzjon 'nazzjonali' favur tiegħu. Per eżempju, il-Programm: Kuntatt jista' jittawwal imqar b'nofs siegħa oħra biex għallinqas jittieħdu aktar telefonati mingħand dawk li jċemplu, u mhux jitħallew barra mill-programm, kif qed jiġri spiss. Dawn ikunu iddiżappuntati ferm meta, wara li jkunu ilhom jistennew minħabba l-ħafna telefonati li jkun hemm, jispiċċaw barra mill-programm. Rigward il-programm Feedback, dan tajjeb li kieku jkompli wara l-aħbarijiet appuntu fuq temi politiċi li jkunu għadhom kemm ġew imħabbra fl-aħbarijiet stess. Anki hawn, it-telefonati li jidħlu jkunu jistgħu jinstemgħu kollha jekk jitwal il-ħin ta' dan il-programm.

  • Sptar Għall-Annimali

    Nixtieq nipproponi proposta lilkom bħala Partit Nazzjonalista. Naħseb li llum il-ġurnata fis-sena 2021 wasal iż-żmien li jkun hawn sptar tal-annimali nazzjonali li joffri servizzi għal kull min ikollu bżonn jieħu l-pets tiegħu għal kura. Dan jista jibda milli parti mill-ispejjeż ikunu koperti b' kumpens mill-Gvern u l quddiem jasal biex l-ispejjeż kollha jkunu covered mill-Gvern. Dan qed ngħidu għaliex l-ispejjeż jafu jkunu kbar biex owners ta' pets jmorru għand-veterinarju privati u fuq kollox dawk li għandhom il-pets iħallsu taxxi wkoll. Fl-opinjoni tieghi din il-proposta hija importanti wkoll jekk iridu ntejbu l-ambjent tagħna għaliex b'hekk nies li forsi xtaqu jsiru pet owners imma baqgħu lura minħabba problemi ta' flus; issa jaħsbuha mod ieħor. Apparti minn hekk jitnaqqas il-piż minn fuq ix-xelters tal-annimali. B'din il-proposta nistgħu nnaqqsu wkoll l-problema ta' abbandun tal-annimali u/jew annimali jiġru fit-toroq abbandunati. Napprezza l-ħin tiegħkom biex taqraw dan il-messaġġ. Nittama li din il-proposta tittieħed inkonsiderazzjoni u grazzi mill-ġdid.

  • Metro system

    I want to live in a country that looks to the future. The reality is that everyone is aware of the chaotic situation in Maltese roads. Widening roads is clearly not the way to go, but the real solution has been staring us in the face for quite some time. Malta needs a metro system, as soon as possible. With people who are more than capable to provide an insight on the social and environmental impact assessment of such a big project, a metro system presents a solution to a number of problems - be it traffic, pollution and the fact that our roads are in a constant state of construction. With connections potentially all over the island, a more focussed bus system can increase efficiency of public transport, while also reducing the dependency on cars.

  • Lessen Taxes for persons with private pensions

    Those who are retired or pensioners who receive a private pension, whether they have a private pension or a private pension plus the government pension, often have to pay taxes as they go above the tax bracket ceiling therefore having to pay full taxes from their pension. I am suggesting to either higher the ceiling or even better, instead of paying full taxes as though working, the system would allow to pay a lower tax rate. This would offset the fact that persons don't receive full pensions from government when there is already a private one. Also it would incentivise more people to invest in private pension plans, thus giving those reaching the retirement age a better future.

  • Increase Teachers' Salaries

    Teachers salaries need to increase drastically and performance bonuses should be given to teachers who deserve them based on some criteria decided upon. Teachers should be considered one of the most valuable occupations of our society as they have a massive role in shaping our future.

  • Free specialist fees for over sixties

  • Life is what you make it.

    Life is what you make it. The present and the future lies in the hands of the Maltese and Gozitan population. My advice is "do not ruin what we all managed to acquire years ago and let us build our future together" The photo says it all.

  • Housing

    The government should add additional storeys to existing Govt. Housing estates to accommodate families/ young couples who are on the waiting list.

  • Ghajnuna ghal min ghandu dar antika fic-centru tar-rahal

    Tinghata ghajnuna ghal min ghandu jew jixtri dar antika fic-centru tar rahal jew belt biex jigu rijabilitati u jergaw jitgawdew mil-poplu,specjalment dawk in-nicec u statwi li tant huma sbieh.

  • survey issued by Times of Malta

    the survey issued by times of malta yesterday about youths is a clear indication where the PN should start to work immediately. this has to be the basis of the election campaign and we need to work hard to get the youths back to the party. we need to offer the youths a comfortable choice that they will not need to go abroad to have a decent life but to stay here and help this country move forward. i feel that this is the strategy that the PN must work on - can we figure out those 60 % who said they will leave are inclined to the labour side? if we mange to get them on board that will be great

  • Serious and honest people in high positions in Malta.

    This is what we need when a new government is elected. This is the key to many of the huge problems the Maltese Islands are facing. We have to ensure transparency, professionalism, honesty, maturity and these people exist. A huge effort has to be made to lure such people in government high positions. People who can offer foresight, creativity and innovation. People who will build formidable teams within their dept. Let's move on. We need a really good change.

  • Windmills

    nixtieq nara dan il wirt Malti jigi restawrat. Hemm hafna mezzi kif. Dawk ta l ghelieqi, jistaghu isebbhu il kampanja u l-uzu taghhom huwn eko friendly. Dawk tal gebel, ikunu attrazzjoni sabiha ghat turizmu.

  • Much more participation required. Much more.

    In my opinion, we still only have a few people who are suggesting what should be done under a NP government. I emphasise that such communication is so much required as the bigger the team the more the ideas and the more teamwork participation. On NET TV, during programmes which relate to political matters, and maybe even those which not, we should start seeing pop ups, as in: "place your advice and ideas on the Web site https://www.pn.org.mt/suggestion Insejjhu lill kullhadd biex jibghatu l ideajt u il pariri taghhom fuq is sit https://www.pn.org.mt/suggestion." On the radio, this should be repeated verbally in many programmes too. Thank you. Grazzi.

  • Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership

    Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership

  • Dione Borg

    Just to let you know that Dione Borg's programme on Net FM are really the thing PN needed on Radio. He conducts the programmes in an impeccable manner. He is very capablle of replying to 'difficult' phone-ins without being patronising or critical. Thank you very much. I do believe that the Radio is more effective than TV as one can listen in to programmes whilst tackling household chores or is stuck in traffic ! TV programmes are OK but one tends to be distracted by the studio layout and the presenter's dress and attitude. Once agani, thank you and let us have more of these programmes onces the elections are looming and we sorely need to step up propaganda. Ethel Abela life-member.