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Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



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  • More Green Spaces and Pedestrianisation of areas like village cores

    Green, open spaces are important for various reasons. These allow families to wind down and take in fresh air. Apart from the environmental impacts of these places, one has to also consider the impact on mental health. In line with this proposal, Malta should introduce a system whereby village cores are pedestrianised, even if only on weekends. 

  • Change your position on abortion

    I was saddened to hear that the Nationalist Party is against the decriminalisation of abortion. As someone who hears from many Maltese women who need abortions for various reasons, I encourage you to reconsider your position. If you understood the difficulties and stress these women go through you would drop the populist "favur il-ħajja" slogan and do the right thing. You do not have to be in favour of abortion to remove a law that sends women and girls who have abortions to prison.

  • Teamwork is what we are after.

    Nothing happens by a person or a few persons. No teamwork no success. So evident in this nation of ours. Look at clear communication. Is there? No way. Every ministry on it's own. Every minister on his/her own. As of they know it all. When we want a real formidable team, we work hard to make this happen, and this is what we need and only YOU can help us.

  • Ways of reducing traffic.

    It is obvious to all that since schools restarted, traffic problem is a nightmare in any area and at any time. It could take you up to one hour to cover a 10km distance. An immediate action plan is required which could include: incentivising parents to send their kids to extra curricular activities in their locality - e.g.most towns provide football training but parents persist in sending their kids to other localities, every child arriving in a separate SUV. Whereas if kids attending extra curricular activities in their own locality, they could walk or cycle there. O levels should be held in students' own schools not centralised, creating chaos in the vicinity of exam centres and increasing stress on students that they will not arrive on time. Remote working in private companies and taxi pooling to work should again be prioritised, it is common again to see thousands of cars with a driver only.

  • More transparency

    Government entities must be transparent when signing contracts and making decisions. No more behind the curtain deals, with big businesses (example-power station/hospitals and many more). I suggest that all contracts/tenders etc etc, be available in FULL, for the general public to see, before signing. At the end of the day the normal citizen deserves to know where his tax money is going and for what. Same goes for some of the Planning authority very dubious permits. There is completely no transparency in the decision making process and most of the documentation gets either magically deleted from their website or is just simply unavailable. How someone has no issue demolishing a 1000 year old historic building on ancient ruins, building on ODZ land, whilst others are not allowed to even change a window is out of this world. Certain Media propaganda should be carefully monitored as it doesn’t show reality. It is too easy in Malta to omit parts of documents/ speeches and use the rest out of context, for personal/political gain. Although everyone has the right for his own opinion, no one is entitled to his own facts. Fact checking and it’s subsequent dissemination is of upmost importance. In a digital era-everything should be within easy reach to everyone and easy to analyze/fact check.

  • Metro system

    I want to live in a country that looks to the future. The reality is that everyone is aware of the chaotic situation in Maltese roads. Widening roads is clearly not the way to go, but the real solution has been staring us in the face for quite some time. Malta needs a metro system, as soon as possible. With people who are more than capable to provide an insight on the social and environmental impact assessment of such a big project, a metro system presents a solution to a number of problems - be it traffic, pollution and the fact that our roads are in a constant state of construction. With connections potentially all over the island, a more focussed bus system can increase efficiency of public transport, while also reducing the dependency on cars.

  • Cleaning of culverts

    I feel that the time has now come to ensure that all culverts in all our roads are cleaned, checked, at least 4 times a year. Moreover, I feel this should be subcontracted and left in the good hands of our local councils. This will avoid a lot of danage and will ensure that most of the roads, at least, will not flood, as always. They have to be well cleaned In August, September, December, March, at least. To enhance this measure, there has to be tighter measures to ensure everybody keeps the raids clean. Maybe bigger fines.

  • Abolish PM prerogative to call elections

    Introduce a fixed term election law

  • survey issued by Times of Malta

    the survey issued by times of malta yesterday about youths is a clear indication where the PN should start to work immediately. this has to be the basis of the election campaign and we need to work hard to get the youths back to the party. we need to offer the youths a comfortable choice that they will not need to go abroad to have a decent life but to stay here and help this country move forward. i feel that this is the strategy that the PN must work on - can we figure out those 60 % who said they will leave are inclined to the labour side? if we mange to get them on board that will be great

  • Sustainability, Transparency and Good Governance

  • Water Conservation

    Incentivize people to build/restore wells. Make it easier for farmers to build water reservoirs, without allowing this to be used to build swimming pools in ODZ. Incentivize swimming pool owners to use salt water rather than chlorinated ground water. Come up with a strategy how to help the water table to be replenished. Some ideas how this can be done: fund the diversion of roof drain systems to the ground rather than to the streets or the drainage system; and build/restore small dams in valleys to allow the water to soak through the rock. Embellish public gardens and roundabouts with plants, shrubs and trees that do not require heavy watering.

  • Mobilta aħjar - sistema ta’ mass transit: Underground?

    Dan huwa suġġett li studjajtu sew bejn is-sena 2006 u 2008 meta kont Head of Secretatiat fl-MUDR. Kelli diġa il-pjan konċettwali / ġenerali imma kont qed ninsisti li kien għad iridu jsiru studji fil-fond qabel ma tkun tista’ titieċed xi forma ta direzzjoni generali. Sfortunatament wara l-elezzjoni tal-2008, tbiddel il-Ministru u waqaf kollox. Peress li dan is-suġġett issa qam fl-attenzjoni pubblika wara iktar minn tlettax-il sena li twaqqaft minn minustru ta’ gvern nazzjonalista, nixtieq ngħaddi ħsibijiet u kunsiderazzjonijiet li akkwistajt mill-għarfien u esperjenzi tiegħi. Hemm ħafna x’nista’ ngħid u nikkontribwixxi, imma għal issa se nullimita ruħi għal kunsiderazzjonijiet relevanti fil-mument u stadju eżistenti. Qabel ma xi ħadd jibda jħażżeż minn fejn se tgħaddi u x’forma tista’ tieħu sistema ta’ mass transport bħal underground u/jew xi forma ta’ light rail u/jew monorail u/jew etc., l-ewwel irid isir studju dettaljat tal-ħtiġijiet ta’ mobilita tal-poplu kollu; minn fejn jitilqu u fejn imorru, il-ħin tal vjaġġ, frekwenza, etc. Dan ikun meħtieġ biex b’hekk ikunu determinati ċentri ta’ fejn jiggravita il-fluss. Ma ninsewx li sistema bħal din hija waħda li titlob investiment qawwi ħafna li tkun piż kbir fuq l-ekonomija. Li naqbdu u nħażżu linji minn ċentru abitat għal ieħor mingħajr ma kull linja tkun valutata sew ikun dnub sagrilegu għax dik tispiċċa tkun riċetta li twassal għal kundanna ta’ mewt minn qabel ma l-proġett jitwieled. Qatt ma nistgħu ninjoraw il-‘profitabilita’ (mhux biss immedjatament monitarji) hija kritika. Ma ninsewx li għax fil-passat f’ Malta l-esiġenzi tal-ferrovija li kienet inbniet kienu biss ibbażati fuq eżiġenzi militari, din is-sistema ta’ trasport malajr falliet! Minħabba dan, ma narax li tista’ tinħoloq sistema universali għal dawn il-gżejjer li tkun meħuda fiha nnifisha imma trid tinbena sistema magħmula minn numru ta’ modi ta’ trasport minsuġa flimkien b’mod li ma jkunx hemm ‘skossi’ biex wieħed jibdel minn wieħed għal ieħor filwaqt li toffri l-iktar sistema bl-ikbar firxa geografika u l-aktar konvenjenti u attrajenti. Qabel ma tista’ issir konsultazzjoni oġġettiva, huwa imperattiv li jsiru studji serji (fosthom li semmejt hawn fuq imma mhux biss), u skont dak li joħroġ minn dawn l-istudji jitfasslu għażliet alternattivi diversi. Hemm biss tista’ issir il-vera konsultazzjoni mgħarrfa u mhux waħda bbażata biss fuq impressjonijiet u gosti personali.

  • Windmills

    nixtieq nara dan il wirt Malti jigi restawrat. Hemm hafna mezzi kif. Dawk ta l ghelieqi, jistaghu isebbhu il kampanja u l-uzu taghhom huwn eko friendly. Dawk tal gebel, ikunu attrazzjoni sabiha ghat turizmu.

  • Li s-ceiling tat-taxxa jerga' jibda joghla kif kien isir kull sena taht Dr Gonzi.

    Nissuggerixxi li r-rati tas-ceilings tat-taxxa jergghu jibdew jizdiedu kif kien isir kull budget taht Dr Gonzi. Tafu li dawn ir-rati ilhom ma jizdiedu mill-2013 - l-ahhar budget li ghamel Dr Gonzi? Kif il-PN qatt ma semma' xejn u ma kkritikax lill-gvern kemm felah dwar dan? Dan ifisser li z-zidiet kollha li kien jaghti l-gvern kollha regghu spiccaw ghandu fl-ahhar tas-sena. Ghax anke l-batuti, ta' pagi baxxi u l-pensjonanti single b'pensjoni baxxa spiccaw jinqabdu bit-taxxa. Ma nistax nifhem kif il-PN qatt ma semma' xejn dwar dan!! Mhux ta' b'xejn jizdied il-faqar!!

  • Haddiema tal kuntratturi

    Haddiema li jahdmu mal Kuntratturi f'dipartimenti varji tal gven , f'kul qasam mhux carers biss, ghandhom jkollom l'istess kundizzjonijiet eg sick leave ugwali, leave ugwali pagi u kundizzjonijiet ta xoghol ugwali. Ghad hemm precident kbir f'dan il qasam,

  • Trade schools

    I am of the opinion that a number of trades are re introduced. In other words a trade school. The obsession that all our students need to go to university has its disadvantages. Certain students might not be good for university however are excellent in a trade. Let us go for it. I am positive that it will be a success. Think about it.

  • Jeħtieġ investiment fil-Marketing

    Nixtieq nissuġġerixxi li jsir marketing aktar b'saħħti u effettiv tal-proposti li l-PN qiegħed iħabbar minn jum għall-ieħor. Dan il-marketing suppost ilu li beda. Fl-opinjoni tiegħi s'issa li qed isir mhux biżżejjed. U dan qed jirrifletti fis-surveys li qed isiru. Hemm bżonn li jiġi ġġenerat għarfien nazzjonali ta' x'qiegħed isarraf il-PN illum. Dnub li qiegħda ssir tant ħidma tajba, tmexxija eċċellenti, proposti fattibbli u prattiċi, u li jolqtu kull qasam tal-poplu Malti, imma mbagħad, f'dak li hu marketing il-PN qiegħed tant batut. Biex tagħqad, hemm il-problema tal-PBS li mhux qed jagħti spazju lill-PN. Hemm bżonn li jsir investiment fil-marketing biex jintlaħqu l-maġġoranza tan-nies hemm barra.

  • Elevating the Poverty Trap in Malta !

    Poverty traps are real in Malta and all across the world. The social benefits provided by government may hinder people from moving up the social ladder due to feeling comfortable and earning income by doing nothing. We need to incentives people to work and actually move out away from social benefits. Many initiatives and ideas come to mind so feel free to contact me and we can discuss. Self Sufficient living homes are an example - Carers and the carer system .... Should everyone be able and allowed to apply as a live in carer ? even without the necessary qualifications? Definitely not --- lets educate people and create a better society.

  • Mistiedna fuq NETtv u FMRadio

    Jista xi ħadd jgħidli kemm hemm kandidati tal-PN għal-elezzjoni li ġejja, għax ħlief l-istess nies ma' tismax fuq RadjuFM u tara fuq NetTV tal-partit. L-oħrajn qishom ma' jeżistux. Kont qed nitkellem ma' wieħed mill-kandidati li jaħdem ħafna għal-partit fuq id-distrett tagħna, biex ikun mistieden biex jitkellem jew iwieġeb lis-semmiegħa iridu jghaddu s-snin. Ghaliex ma' nagħtux ċans lil kulħadd l-istess? U hawn ħafna imweġġin minħabba f'hekk. L-istess nies li jinstemu fuq ir-radju, wara ftit tarahom fuq it-TV, jirrepetu l-istess diskors ta' fuq ir-radju. PN please note!

  • Mater Dei employee parking

    Improve Mater Dei employee parking. Employees are arriving nearly an hour early for work just to find parking. This can be done by providing park and ride services