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Aqsam l-ideat tiegħek hawn

Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



L-amministraturi ta' din il-websajt jirriżervaw id-dritt li jneħħu suġġerimenti li fihom profanità, omofobija, sessiżmu, aggressjoni jew instigazzjonijiet ta' vjolenza.


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Do you have a specific idea about how to make Malta a better place? 

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We have always believed in empowering citizens to improve the common good. That’s why your ideas are so important.

We want to turn these ideas into reality. So share them here and build on other people’s suggestions.

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  • Employer Funded Retirement Plan

    Similar to 401k. An employer funded retirement plan (encouraged by state with tax breaks) to start a retirement fund with employer matching the contribution of employee. Funds can be used either at retirement or to finance first property.

  • Vouchers ghall-anzjani u ghall-persuni b'dizabilita biex jaghmlu uzu minn taxi

    Gejt diretta sabiex naghmel suggeriment tramite dan is-sit. Is-suggeriment tieghi huwa illi jigu offruti vouchers (bhalma huma dawk tal-Covid) ghall-anzjani sabiex jaghmlu uzu minn taxis ghat-traport personali taghhom. Dawn jistghu jkunu per ezempju €25 fis-sena. Suggeriment iehor huwa illi jigi offrut voucher ikbar ghal dawk l-anzjani illi, volontarjament, jirrinunzjaw ghal-licenzja wara li jaghlqu 75 sena. Persuni gew ighiduli illi hemm zewg taxis illi jtellghu nies bil-wheelchair imma dawn jiccargjaw mhux hazin - xi €70 ghall-vjagg wiehed. B'hekk l-anzjani specjalment jistghu jikkalkulaw illi, jekk inehhu l-karrozza, jiffrankaw fuel, insurance, xi kirja ta' garaxx u l-vouchers jinkoragguhom jaghmlu uzu minn dan il-mezz ta' trasport ghall-qadi taghhom u anke biex ikomplu fil-hajja socjali taghhom

  • Lessen Taxes for persons with private pensions

    Those who are retired or pensioners who receive a private pension, whether they have a private pension or a private pension plus the government pension, often have to pay taxes as they go above the tax bracket ceiling therefore having to pay full taxes from their pension. I am suggesting to either higher the ceiling or even better, instead of paying full taxes as though working, the system would allow to pay a lower tax rate. This would offset the fact that persons don't receive full pensions from government when there is already a private one. Also it would incentivise more people to invest in private pension plans, thus giving those reaching the retirement age a better future.

  • Assistance required

    Dear all. We are now at a stage of no return. The NP resources are what they are. Finance is what it is. YOU are being called to assist, even if you can dedicate a couple of hours per week. It is doable. I was one who grumbled about the local crisis we are in. Today I try to offer solutions, give advice and ideas. YOU are being humbly asked to do the same, please. We are already in ejection mode. We all want the change, but this change can be possible only via forming a formidable team. The more the merrier. Emcourage your family and friends to participate. It is never too late, but once elections are here, then yes, it will be too late. We all have to decide. It's now or never. The change has to happen now, if we really desire a future for our next generations.

  • Carer allowance for parents of children with disability

    Most kids with a disability, require extra care than kids that do not have a disability, and unfortunately makes it hard for both parents to keep a job, since it is harder to find help for kids with disabilities. Since the financial toll of therapy and other needs are quite huge, it would help to give an allowance to parents that need to stop working.

  • Il-Panelli Solari, l-izvillup u l-ambjent

  • Isle of the beaches

    A different approach to provide the best beaches in Europe. Beach nourishment Modernizing beach facilities . Sun beds will be symmetrically spaced and made affordable for Maltese families. Self-sufficient Under water lighting for a number of beaches , dive sites and caves .This will be a tourist attraction and prolong typical beach hours .

  • Cannabis Oil Production for Economic Growth

    We were focusing on buildings, tourism and gaming companies for the past few years and people made money but now we're in this situation where 1. We're suffocating in a concrete jungle 2. Tourism took a huge slap on the face because of Covid 3. We are greylisted so it's even more challenging to attract new investors and at risk of losing the ones already established here. So it seems like we need something more stable and this could be one idea of what we can do to grow independently. I am aware this concept of using Cannabis Oil as medicine is still slowly growing here in Malta but it is growing abroad as well so we can export. Such industry can also occupy some of the empty industrial buildings we have around the island and it will also create more jobs. It can also be projected and promoted as an eco friendly industry.

  • Niġġeneraw Malta li jistħoqilna - Suġġerimenti 1

    Hemm diversi setturi li Malta għadha lura fijhom u nemmen li l-Parit Nazzjonalista fil-Gvern jista' jbiddel dan kollu! ⚪Nixtieq nibda b'suġġerimenti fuq is-settur ambjentali u favur l-ambjent ⚫Windfarms fuq il-baħar ⚫Aktar ġonna għall-publiku ⚫Toroq u lanes apposta għar-roti ⚫Benefiċji/inċentivi lil dawk li għandhom il-panelli (pereżempju skont fil-kont tad-dawl) ⚫Nistaw neqilbu totallment għall-fliexken tal-ħġieġ ⚫Niprovdu aktar magni li jtuk ċertu ammont ta' flus jekk tirritorna flixkun tal-ħġieġ ⚫Proġett tal-metro iżda li jkun magħmul aktar fiss possibli (il-gvern ħabbar li jkun magħmul f'20 sena, ma tahsbux li hi redikola?) ⚪Dawn huma is-suġġerimenti li smajt mingħand nies adoloxxenti bħali li jixtiequ bidla lil Malta⚪ Ritratt meħud min Times of Malta⚪

  • Malta needs to dream for a second republic

    We have seen in recent years, our state, our political system , has past its expiry date. In this contest I suggest PN takes on the brunt of proposing a complete constitutional and electoral reform. The reform shall be done by technocrats and 'wise men' mandated to draft a new constitution based on their expertise and experience. Once drafted this constitution draft should be put to the people for a consultative referendum. If all goes well Malta will have a new constitution and electoral system in one legislature.

  • Bdiwa w Rahala

    Nixtirq nisma aktar dwar Dan is sugget,ghalkem jien mhux involut diretamet jolqotni indiretament,jien Sid ta hanut tal laham qal dawn l ahhar 38 Sena u inhos li Dan is settur ma tantc baqalu hajja twila.jien lest li nati sugerimenti f'dan is settur jekk avicinat. Grazzi

  • Free Medicins

    Disabled persons and elderly persons end up paying hundreds of Euros per month to buy vitamins and some other pills which they are prescribed by specialists but are not given to them for free by the Govt....I small example is the Rivarolto pills which cost €54 for 28 tablets...I.e.€ 54 a month apart from the cost of other pills/vitamins....

  • Animal Hospital

    There should be an animal hospital that is free of charge for adopted animals.

  • Net TV.

    Is it possible to have 45 minutes before or after NET news discussing in the simplest of ways, each PN proposal and explaining, once again in very simple terms, what each proposal means exactly and how such proposals are going to affect our population, industries? I would name such a programme "Nispjegaw il proposti taghna". I would also wish that the explanations of such proposals are in English so that all foreigners understand. We need their support too, even though many will. Not vote. They might even be tempted to contribute financially.

  • Penzjonijiet shah ghal dawk li ghandhom penzjoni privata.

    Meta gejt biex niehu l-penzjoni tal-gvern, lili kienu qaluli li ma nistghax niehu l-penzjoni kollha minhabba li kelli penzjoni privata. Jien hallast il-bolla tul hajti minghajr ma qatt kelli nieqes. Ghandi kollhox imhallas. Bhali hawn hafna min ghandu penzjoni privata wkoll, ta fejn kont nahdem. Ma nifhimx ghalfejn isiru riklami min kumpaniji biex taghmel penzjoni privata biex meta tasal ghal waqt jitfghulek bomba u jghidulek li parti biss mil-penzjoni tal-gvern intitolat ghalih! Nissugerixxi li l-ligi (jekk vera tezisti) tigi emendata biex dawk li jhallsu ghal penzjoni privata kif ukoll tal-gvern permezz tal-bolla, jiehdu dak li jkun haqqhom. Barra min hekk il-bolla bhal hadd iehor tkun hallasta u s-sagrificcju biex ikollhok penzjoni itjeb u tghix ahjar int tkun ghamilta. Ma narahiex sew li certu nies, ex ministri jiehdu aktar min penzjoni wahda u jiehdu anke tal-gvern u ahna rridu nitkarrbu ghax jiehdulna parti mil-penzjoni taghna.

  • Mistiedna fuq NETtv u FMRadio

    Jista xi ħadd jgħidli kemm hemm kandidati tal-PN għal-elezzjoni li ġejja, għax ħlief l-istess nies ma' tismax fuq RadjuFM u tara fuq NetTV tal-partit. L-oħrajn qishom ma' jeżistux. Kont qed nitkellem ma' wieħed mill-kandidati li jaħdem ħafna għal-partit fuq id-distrett tagħna, biex ikun mistieden biex jitkellem jew iwieġeb lis-semmiegħa iridu jghaddu s-snin. Ghaliex ma' nagħtux ċans lil kulħadd l-istess? U hawn ħafna imweġġin minħabba f'hekk. L-istess nies li jinstemu fuq ir-radju, wara ftit tarahom fuq it-TV, jirrepetu l-istess diskors ta' fuq ir-radju. PN please note!

  • Dear Decision Makers - A campaign for reproductive rights in Malta

    Dear Decision Makers, The women whose heart-wrenching stories you are about to read, are not numbers. They are not statistics, or “one in a million” cases. They are not “murderers” or “immoral”. They are real people. They have names. They are human beings in their own right, who, regardless of their relation to others, deserve access to healthcare. When you read their stories, do not read them in isolation of their socially and legally constructed predicament. These stories, undoubtedly, are a direct consequence of Malta’s blanket ban on abortion. They are a result of your complacency and complicity. In this country, the human right to bodily autonomy is lost the moment a person becomes pregnant. Despite being a living, fully actualised human-being, it is not uncommon for such individuals to be treated as lesser than their own pregnancies. Through these stories, allow yourself to be immersed by their experiences. Understand the gravity of your actions, or lack thereof. Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect and ensure the wellbeing of citizens in Malta. Their role does not exist to vilify and abandon women in vulnerable positions for political gain. When you read their stories, understand that for every day abortion remains criminalised, you continue to fail them. Additionally, remember to be kind; these stories were not shared out of a desire to recount their experiences, but for the sake of ensuring that no other person will have to endure the same suffering. For that, we are grateful and indebted to them. Do not separate your responsibility from these stories: take in every word, and hold yourself accountable. Use this link to access the stories: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PwoVcw0m4nIvLv3CP1Q8O6vn3bVlYb8C/view?usp=sharing Signed, Laura Paris & Emily Galea

  • Reform of the Education Sector

    Vouchers and grants are not the only ways to attract teens and young adults to engage in political discourse. A bold and long-overdue reform of the education sector would certainly strike a chord and get students' attention. The current system simply isn't working, neither for students nor for teachers. Parrot-like memory work is prioritized over critical thinking and mature debating, and the consequences are, unfortunately, there for all to see. As Einstein rightly put it: "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think." The ball is now in the PN's court to set forth a clear and plausible plan on how to achieve this radical shift in mentality. Big electoral gaps are narrowed by big (and practical) ideas, not petty tweaks.

  • Sptar Għall-Annimali

    Nixtieq nipproponi proposta lilkom bħala Partit Nazzjonalista. Naħseb li llum il-ġurnata fis-sena 2021 wasal iż-żmien li jkun hawn sptar tal-annimali nazzjonali li joffri servizzi għal kull min ikollu bżonn jieħu l-pets tiegħu għal kura. Dan jista jibda milli parti mill-ispejjeż ikunu koperti b' kumpens mill-Gvern u l quddiem jasal biex l-ispejjeż kollha jkunu covered mill-Gvern. Dan qed ngħidu għaliex l-ispejjeż jafu jkunu kbar biex owners ta' pets jmorru għand-veterinarju privati u fuq kollox dawk li għandhom il-pets iħallsu taxxi wkoll. Fl-opinjoni tieghi din il-proposta hija importanti wkoll jekk iridu ntejbu l-ambjent tagħna għaliex b'hekk nies li forsi xtaqu jsiru pet owners imma baqgħu lura minħabba problemi ta' flus; issa jaħsbuha mod ieħor. Apparti minn hekk jitnaqqas il-piż minn fuq ix-xelters tal-annimali. B'din il-proposta nistgħu nnaqqsu wkoll l-problema ta' abbandun tal-annimali u/jew annimali jiġru fit-toroq abbandunati. Napprezza l-ħin tiegħkom biex taqraw dan il-messaġġ. Nittama li din il-proposta tittieħed inkonsiderazzjoni u grazzi mill-ġdid.

  • Use and promotion of local flora

    We should strive to use as much indigenous and endemic flora for the greening of the island in all locations (no more foreign plants and grasses) We should take note of years of evolution whereby these plants have adapted to the climate of our islands and continue to adapt This will reduce maintenance costs and water wastage, while retaining the “greenification effect” and the jobs in this sector.