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  • Increase in peoples’ wages

    Firstly I want to state that I am no economist nor expert but here are my 2 cents. Recently I have been having some discussions with my friends and close relatives and something really struck me. I came to a realization that even though most of us are in above-average paying jobs, in private and public sectors and have post graduate degrees, we are young property owners, who are all struggling to make ends meet. We are all baffled how for example buying property or renting, essential groceries as well as prices for eating out here in Malta were comparable to those in foreign countries with better wages than ours (some of us have lived in these countries or have friends who do). I was curious to see whether there was any statistical evidence that would present a reason to my (and our collective) concern. I first came across a study by Papadopoulos 2020 (link: https://ceoworld.biz/2020/02/03/most-expensive-countries-in-the-world-to-live-in-2020/) which states that Malta is the 26th most expensive country to live in (ranking 20th and 30th out of 132 countries for rent index and groceries index respectively) and yet Malta faired very low under “local purchasing power index” where Malta placed 80th out of 132 countries. This started to shed some light on the discussions I was having. I then came across a report focusing in EU countries; https://www.econstor.eu/bitstream/10419/232558/1/175267751X.pdf which acknowledged that “living costs in Southern Europe are considerably higher than in Eastern Europe, purchasing power is more impacted by the fact of having relatively low nominal minimum wages: minimum wage recipients in Malta (5.24 PPS), Portugal (4.71 PPS) and Greece (4.50 PPS) now have lower real purchasing power than those in some Eastern European EU Member States.” The study also noted that whilst in countries such as Latvia, the minimum wage rose by 13%, in contrast, Malta had only had a “mere” increase of 1%. And it concluded that “according to the Commission’s calculations”, an increase “of well above 30% would be required in Malta” I think this is an issue that needed to be addressed yesterday. People in Malta are feeling the crunch. Ensuring people have an adequate purchasing power means a better quality of life.

  • The past is not a reflection of the future

    I think the fact that you launched a new campaign with new ideas is great. Well done. I think we need to keep pushing for better governance and more responsibility and accountability but evidently the country does not just want that. However, I think the first step that should have been done when launching the Green Ideas is to apologise for the past, admit that realities were different and the mindset changed. Like that you can explain to us voters why we can trust you. Perhaps also put in guarantees in terms of what are your red lines that you pledge not to cross irrespective of what is the project and the owner. That would give us voters some guarantees and also gives the party politicians the guiding light what can be done and what is not acceptable.

  • City centre green areas for public

    Identify big gardens in city centres and schedule them like buildings that means they cannot be demolished or built in! Identify such gardens which are often abandoned, reach an agreement with the owners to rent them out, restore them and open them to the public. Owners can be given permit to open kiosks and restaurants in such gardens to incentive them to reach agreement with gov.

  • Tennis - National drive against obesity / encouragement to practice sports

    Malta like many countries seems to allocate large sums of money towards football. As a sport its is not the most inclusive because of stereotyping etc. An alternative that has worked in the Uk is tennis. Tennis courts are less expensive to maintain, take up less space and are accessible equally to boys and girls alike. Most councils across London include one/ two/several tennis courts in public garden projects and then run these tennis court through a national/local academy. These garden projects and parks are not necessarily large but include a play area for kids, trees and open space and tennis courts (without lighting not to disturb neighbours). The academy the promotes lessons from the age of 4 at a subsidised cost. The public can book slots online and access to the courts is through a key code which means that no one needs to be physically present - hence reduced cost/admin. A campaign should be launched by central govt and funded through the planning authority fund to encourage councils to make these facilities available. Developers should also be charged an additional community levy based on the size of the project to fund these initiatives in the town /locality where they intend to build. Such levies (which need to be substantially higher than the current rates) could also contribute to social housing in the locality, similar to what is done in the UK.

  • Review of Court operation in order to overhaul it from the 1920's to the 2020's

  • Linkedin.

    It is now a must to have a party page on LinkedIn. So very important. Best to start this up immediately and have someone to get as many people to follow. If you need my assistance, I am available.

  • Provide free or subsidised contraception

    Taking an anti abortion stand without offering alternatives to those who struggle with protecting themselves from pregnancy is counter-productive. Please consider offering this service, at the very least to those who cannot afford it. Do you have any idea how much a monthly prescription of the contraceptive pill costs? Thanks

  • Parking Solution

    I think it's about time we challenge the concept of parking in Malta. We should have a system where on the road parking is limited to certain timeframes all around the island. Heavy fines will be in place for those who ignore these timeframes. On the other hand an annual fee should be put in place which enables the use of underground parking all over the island. This would be a system where a card or similar system is used in order to entitle the user to parking in underground parking. New underground parkings should be considered in order to enable to make zones completely parking free on the roads. It could be maybe possible (this could be more complex to implement) where the government subsidises a number of private parkings in order to use these for the scheme to operate.

  • Ambjent

    Tiswijja tal-bankini. JItnehha il-madum jizloq minn fuq il-bankini. Toroq li huma one-way u suppost li ma jghaddux trakkijiet minnhom, hemm il-htiega li il-ligi tige osservatha u mhux jghaddi kollox.

  • United we stand. Divided we fall.

    A clear messege to anybody who is not loyal to the NP. The party has made huge progress and will even be more successful in the near future. It is very healthy not to agree on everything, but it is very bad when one thinks that one is above the law. Anybody who thinks that he/she is above the party's policies, has to leave and leave now, no matter what the consequences are. Our party today, as always, stands for unity, honesty and is built only on honest and mature people. My message is clear. Back off. The photo speaks for itself. Any good leader leads not disrupts. Today we have a leader who is a true leader with a conscience. Honest, trustworthy, reliable, hard working. Back off.

  • No more abandoned and empty buildings

    Since Malta is small we cannot afford to have empty dwellings and continue building on new land. Each person should only be allowed to have one empty dwelling apart from his normal residence (this will allow for villeġġjatura). Extra dwellings are taxed annually if left empty more than 1 year. This will incentive owners to sell or rent out their dwellings, have more availability on the market and push down the rent and property prices.

  • Depoliticize the civil service

    Abolish the ‘person of trust’ appointments and establish an independent office for public appointments

  • Limited development allowances in localities

    I think it would be beneficial for the general public if we limited the amount of development that can take place within a single locality or region. This would reduce the strain on public infrastructure, reduce traffic issues in the locality, and reduce noise, dust and air pollution in these localities. In the long-term, income from development should only be marginally affected, if at all, but the social and health benefits will be huge, and the government will have time to properly plan for any major infrastructure changes that might be required from an area encountering a massive development boom. An example would be to limit the development that can take place within a locality to 20% of the total built-up area of said locality (percentage can be adjusted following relevant studies on the optimal figure). This must obviously be enforced by the Planning Authority in collaboration with the local councils, which should have more of a say in what happens in the locality from a planning perspective.

  • Environmental issues

    To improve our environment : noise in Attard, Lija , Zebbug area should be controlled . Every entertainment entity especially those near ta Qali must adhere to noise abatement standard. Another issue regarding construction : construction within a radius of example 100 metres (this can be studied further) can only be allowed for only one construction at the same time. this would safeguard less noise and better air quality.

  • zejtun

    illala ma jidher hadd mill kandidati fiz zejtun?? staqsejt nies u kulhadd jghidli li hadd ma gie ihabbatlu l bieb. veru li zejtun ghandu l fama ta laburist pero nghidilkom li hawn hafna nazzjonalisti kwieti go darhom. please tinsewhx zejtun. fuq kollox distrett taghna dejjem 3-2 gie. hudu hsiebna zwieten pls, qlajna fuq rasna bizzejjed. grazzi

  • Long-term local planning

    Unfortunately, I know this one is a long-shot, thanks to Bernard Grech's recent statement that the 2006 local plans will not be amended, but I will list it anyway as I feel strongly about it. We should be looking at the current local plans of the island and re-work them to safeguard what little green areas we have and be smarter with the way we develop. These new local plans should be the skeleton plan for the next 50 - 100 years, with only minor review and amendments allowed every 10-20 years due to any major changes that might arise (climate, changing needs of the island)

  • Separation cases, system flawed.

    Anything relating to justice, like courts, lawyers, mediations etc should be rethought, and reconfigured. During bonaria separation cases the lawyers discuss between themselves (when they remember) at their own speed, many at times leaving their clients waiting even for months with relative simple cases taking years. One lawyer says I had sent emails to their lawyer while the other lawyer says they never received them, and weeks and months are lost while any people and their children remain unsettled not being able to move on with their lives creating tension and frustration for their families. A website for mediation cases should be made available so anyone who logs in has only his case showing, the cases are not visible to anyone else. The site will, show all correspondence and relative dates between the lawyers and mediators, and also the latest achievements of the case, so that everything is transparent! A lot of people are going from bonaria to court because their lawyers are not always transparent and not always following up their case on a regular basis. Both parties think that eachother are playing delaying tactics while lawyers are taking more work in than they can really handle. The whole system forces troubled individuals into heavy delays and in the meantime to cough up their life long savings. It needs a complete overhaul so that it truly serves the families and not those who run the system!

  • Reduce consumption of waste

    Instead of asking consumers to buy items with less packaging, impose policies so that supermarkets and businesses stop producing excessive packaging or unnecessary packaging. For example toothpaste; there is no need to have the tube packed in a box. Hams, cheeses, meat, vegetables and fruit, should not be pre-prepared in vacuum packed plastic. One should give incentive for reusable containers and bags. Unfortunately it is very convenient to find things ready made to consume less time doing shopping but an effort for the environment needs to be done. Thanks

  • Mental health first aid and education in schools and workplaces

    Mental health is a crucial determinant to overall physical health. Since the place of work is a huge part of every employee’s life, the presence of multiple stressors at work can give rise to a range of problems in both personal and professional lives. In the same way, struggling to cope with stress caused by personal issues may decrease the ability of performing well at work. The current context needs to call for more work to: provide support to frontline staff; improve communication with patients, families, hospital staff and service providers; and distribute comprehensive information and advice regarding mental well-being to allay fear and apprehension among the public and schools, using multiple means of resources available. Past achievements and recent changes augur well for more widespread developments that will permeate the whole mental-health system and enrich the delivery of quality mental-health services to patients and families. It is Malta’s and the PN’s aim that these services will have a continued focus on low-income families, disadvantaged groups and high-risk individuals whereby the stigma and discrimination associated with mental disorders will be eliminated from Maltese society.

  • Zoni Ambjentali mħarrsa

    Qed nissuġerixxi li l-widien u z-zoni naturali madwar Malta ikun mħarrsa minn dawk li fl-Italja jissejjħu "Guardia Bosco". Dawn ikunu gruppi ta' persuni li mhux biss iservu biex jaraw li l-ambjent jiġi protett imma magħhom ikun hemm abbinati numru ta' ħaddiema, għodda u mekkanirju. Dawn jaraw li jsir it-tindif meħtieġ fil-widien, tiswija ta' ħitan tas-sejjieħ, tiswija u bini fejn m'hemmx ta' ħitan li jżommu l-ilma (dams) biex l-ilma ma jintilifx imma jkun jista jiskula bil-mod fil-water table, simili għal kif insibu c-Chadwick Lakes, tħawwil, tisqija u żbir ta' siġar, tiswija u restawr ta' affarijiet storiċi li jinsabu fil-widien etc. Tista' tkun opportunita biex ngħinu lil bdiewa u r-raħħala fil-bżonnijiet tagħhom biex tiffaċilitaw ħidmithom. Tkun opportunità biex il-kaċċa u l-insib, waqt li tiġi mħarrsa t-tradizzjoni dan issir fil-parametri tal-liġijiet eżistent għax kif nafu l-ALE bin-nuqqas ta' membri mhux tlaħħaq ma dan ix-xogħol.