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  • Being Positive

    unfortunately Maltese people are not only interested to know what the labour are doing wrong, what they stole etc etc since I would never stop what the Labour Party did to this country...But we need to be pro active and don't be afraid to tell the Maltese people what we will do if we are back in government, we need to be positive we lost 2 general elections by just telling the Maltese people what labour did wrong so I think that the change it has to be in the mentality first!! Good luck

  • Laws are for everyone!

    Unfortunately being a small country everyone knows each other. I really am disappointed cause the law is not equal for everyone so my biggest wish is that all laws are implemented and enforcement increased. We should keep Malta tidy at all costs and to see this enforcement active the use of cctv’s is a must so we reduce more irregularities around the island . An example of this is that a filthy car with an expired license has been parked on my street for over 3 months ( Victory street in Zabbar ) informing authorities ( police station, depot, tweeted minister in charge and even prime minister) but till today car is still here ! We need change !

  • Personalised Social Care

    We can no longer rely on social benefits and social care systems which provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Maltese society has become more complex than ever before and this is being reflected in emerging social realities that are also giving rise to multi-faceted social problems. Thus, the time has come so that whoever encounters social difficulties in life, can upon filing a request to the relevant authorities, be assigned a social care officer who assists and advises such a person, or group of persons e.g. family, in better managing / overcoming the difficulties one comes across in life.

  • Poyc

    My now 9 year old son is celiac. We've been living with this special diet for 6 years . We are eligible for gluten free poyc vouchers. We spend almost 30e only for bread to take to school the rest i 15e have to buy pasta cereal etc..... In 2021 this amount is ridiculous. Also we cannot choose any product that contains choclate even if it's gluten free. Ez choclate cornflakes is not on the list plain cereal only

  • Free Access to the Coast

  • Take off wires and cables from our roads as we have a mess when you look at the buildings

  • Political Party Financials

    Depending on donations in today’s world is surreal. As we have been experiencing, the parties somehow remain hostages to big pockets since one of their main sources of income is highly dependable on public donations. Political parties cannot be managed like a Football club where if you have a rich temporary president / donor, the club affords to invest and if not, the club’s success remains at stake. Political party financials need to be discussed to have a sustainable source of income without being a hostage to anyone and function on the same level field

  • Ghajnuna liz-zghazagh biex ikunu sid ta' darhom

    Jiena darba kont zaghzugh. Fis-sebghinijiet, konna sibna ghajnuna mill-gvern tal-gurnata billi natajna art b'xejn u self b'imghax baxx mill-Lohombus li kellu jithallas f'25 Sena. Hemm bzonn li l-partit johrog b'idea simili. Art ma fadalx. Fejn jinbena ftit li xejn fadal. Imma apartamenti vojta hawn mhux hazin. Jista' l-gvern futur PN jirrisolvi din il-problema ghal uliedna. Ibni zaghzugh ma jaffordjax jixtri u jibqa' jhallas is-self sal-mewt. Jista' min hu bhalu jinghata soft loan bhal ma konna inatajna ahna?

  • Increase Teachers' Salaries

    Teachers salaries need to increase drastically and performance bonuses should be given to teachers who deserve them based on some criteria decided upon. Teachers should be considered one of the most valuable occupations of our society as they have a massive role in shaping our future.

  • A Holistic Approach to the Land Transport Issues

    Everyone on the island is aware of the huge issues we face here in Malta with land transportation. Traffic is a regular issue throughout the day and air quality is off the charts (in a bad way). We need to look at how we can take a holistic approach to the issue and implemented the required changes for long-term gain. Widening of roads is a very short-sighted solution with massive repercussions for future thanks to the removal of agricultural land and trees, so we should stop this practice immediately. Instead, we should look at transparently conducting a study with seasoned experts on the subject in order to determine the correct way forward, taking into account both the economic and environmental benefits of the different suggestions. An example would be for a linked public transport system involving overground/underground trains with links to small-scale intra-region bus networks and ferry terminals. An proposal I had written about can be seen at http://www.ilpunt.com/2019/01/a-public-transport-proposal-for-maltese.html. This in-turn should also be coupled with other initiatives to encourage to use of these new public transport systems, such as - Increase in road tax for secondary vehicles - Decrease in road tax for light vehicles such as motorcycles (already implemented for 125cc vehicles which was a fantastic idea by the current administration) - Rewards scheme for people using public transport over and above any other form of private transportation (rebate on car insurance/road tax if proven usage of private vehicle is below 40% for example) - Better infrastructure for walking and cycling (which will be possible with less cars on the road). I'm sure there are many other initiatives that can be implemented but the above are just a few.

  • Spots Politiċi

    Dawn is-spots politiċi fuq l-istazzjon tat-TV u radju tal-partit nazzjonalista misshom ilhom li bdew, mhux għadhom lanqas bdew jidhru u/jew jinstemgħu! Dawn iridu jkunu qosra u 'to the point' u jidhru fl-aktar mumenti opportuni u popolari.

  • Service Charge on Water and Electricity Meters

    If when applying for a new service, one pays for the installation, why should we continue on paying for its service charge? For sure, this is already included in the existing tariffs!! So why paying again?

  • Practical ideas for sustainable energy

    All points mentioned below might be able to benefit from European funding --------------------------- 1. To implement residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a prerequisite to construction. Put into law and enforce a law that states that ANY newly constructed building (include necessary conditions) must be planned in a way that provides the space for installation of renewable energy generating equipment. Also include that said equipment must be installed before the building is used for any residential or commercial purposes. Set a minimum requirement for energy generation of 25% of all the building’s energy needs. If in any calendar year, any of these buildings generate less than 25% of the electricity consumed, the difference will be charged at an extremely high rate. Over time, most renewable energy generating equipment loses efficiency. This must be catered for in the conditions in a way that requires building owners to replace the equipment once efficiency is reduced or pay the extremely high rate mentioned above. Details to be ironed out, but this is a blueprint to work off of. This will marginally inflate the cost of property, but at least it’s property inflation for a good reason, not just random greed and the new owners will have reduced electricity bills. --------------------------- 2. To implement incentives for residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a part of property purchasing. Create an incentive whereby when people purchase a property, a substantial percentage of (or 100% of) the stamp duty paid by the buyer is returned to the buyer in the form of vouchers which may ONLY be redeemed in the form of purchases for equipment installed to generate renewable energy. --------------------------- 3. To create a platform/marketplace where people rent their extra space for energy generation There would be a need for a legal framework and term contracts, but by doing this, anyone with extra unused space could rent out their space to people who don’t have space where to generate their own renewable electricity. This could be useful for; a) People NOT part of points 1 and 2 above - who don’t have space in their own property for renewable energy, but who want to contribute to renewable electricity generation and a lowering of their yearly electricity bills. b) People from point 2 above who have purchased a property which doesn’t have space to install renewable energy generating equipment - and therefore don’t have anywhere where to use the vouchers. c) Anyone who wants to invest in the increase of renewable energy --------------------------- 4. To create a crowdfunded renewable energy farm with a yearly ROI It doesn’t have to be a single farm in one place, but a network of equipment throughout the island. Either through space rented out in point 3 or by utilising any appropriate space that becomes available, the government could set up an investment opportunity where anyone can invest even the smallest amount of money and the ROI will be determined by electricity generation of the entire network. Of course, I have simplified the idea and it would be much more complex to implement, but not impossible - and also self funded.

  • Il-PN jeħtieġlu jidħol sew fl-aħbarijiet tal-PBS

    Aħna nafu li l-PN bħalissa għandu l-aqwa proposti li jolqtu lil kull settur tal-poplu Malti. Il-proposti ħerġin u qed jiġu spjegati sew u b'mod ċar. Imma qed jiġri li fix-xandir nazzjonali dawn qajla qed jissemmew, ovvjament apposta biex jieħdu l-vantaġġ dawk tal-gvern tal-lejber. Allura dawn qed jissemmew biss fuq in-Net TV u Net FM, fejn jisimgħuhom kważi tista' tgħid in-Nazzjonalisti biss. Kif jgħid il-Malti: qed nippriedkaw lil dawk li diġà ikkonvertew! M'hemmx triq oħra ħlief li, b'xi mod jew ieħor l-Oppożizzjoni tidħol bis-sewwa jew bid-dnewwa fil-PBS biex ix-xandir ikun tassew 'fair'. U dan qabel il-kampanja elettorali, għax imbagħad ikun tard wisq, kif ġara fl-elezzjonijiet ta' qabel. Għax imbagħad, min ma jkunx sema' bihom qabel, jaħsibhom li huma bluff ta' kampanja elettorali.

  • Supply Teachers/Peripatetic Teachers/ Educators in specialised subjects such as music

    Dear Dr. Bernard Grech, I have been following your program Q&A and I wish to address the following issue. Many graduate teachers have been employed as supply teachers for a good number of years and were promised to be offered an indefinite contract. So far teachers like myself Music Teacher and others are still feeling insecure regarding our future. Abroad graduates only have to study PGDE to obtain a permanent warrant. This system used to work for Malta too. Presently graduate teachers like myself have been left in limbo. Thank you for the great support throughout this difficult time. Good luck and Regards Mr F Borg (Music Teacher)

  • Animals , parking

    Rigw.ard qtates ta barra importanti ikun hemm santw.a.rji kif ukoll cimiterju ghalijom u vouchers ghal ikel kif ukoll neutering campaign ukoll imp parking space Ghar residenti or Rabat Peress li noqod hawn

  • Better wages.

    We have voted for the European Union because we used to look at the wages and rights of people's such as Germany, France, Italy, etc. But unfortunately up till today we got nothing of the sort. It is high time that we boost up the wages and workers' rights to match those of the European Union West Countries especially with the soaring prices of commodities in Malta.

  • Prezz tal unit fil common parts

    Jien nemmen illi illum aw hafna blocks ta flats. U dawn ovja ghandom common parts bil lifts. Jien nqis il common parts parti mir residenza tal persuna u ghalhekk nemmen illi ir rata per unit tal kontijiet tad dawl tal komun anda tkun bhal tad djar u mhux rata ghola. Ma ser jintilef xejn ax mhux se tatu xejn b xejn lil hadd izda per unit jithallas inqas. Id differenza fil kont ha tkun ftit ax common parts ma jkuj hafna gholi imma jekk thabruwa in terms of % it will look good. Ara kemm hemm familji jghixu fi blocks ta flats Thanks

  • Dedicated areas for transgender people during gynee surgeries

    I am a transgender guyand whenever i visit materdei for my gynee appointments,i end up always with a bunch of pregnant ladies. This is breaking people like me into pieces

  • Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership

    Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership