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  • Ambjent

    Tiswijja tal-bankini. JItnehha il-madum jizloq minn fuq il-bankini. Toroq li huma one-way u suppost li ma jghaddux trakkijiet minnhom, hemm il-htiega li il-ligi tige osservatha u mhux jghaddi kollox.

  • More transparency

    Government entities must be transparent when signing contracts and making decisions. No more behind the curtain deals, with big businesses (example-power station/hospitals and many more). I suggest that all contracts/tenders etc etc, be available in FULL, for the general public to see, before signing. At the end of the day the normal citizen deserves to know where his tax money is going and for what. Same goes for some of the Planning authority very dubious permits. There is completely no transparency in the decision making process and most of the documentation gets either magically deleted from their website or is just simply unavailable. How someone has no issue demolishing a 1000 year old historic building on ancient ruins, building on ODZ land, whilst others are not allowed to even change a window is out of this world. Certain Media propaganda should be carefully monitored as it doesn’t show reality. It is too easy in Malta to omit parts of documents/ speeches and use the rest out of context, for personal/political gain. Although everyone has the right for his own opinion, no one is entitled to his own facts. Fact checking and it’s subsequent dissemination is of upmost importance. In a digital era-everything should be within easy reach to everyone and easy to analyze/fact check.

  • Reform of the Education Sector

    Vouchers and grants are not the only ways to attract teens and young adults to engage in political discourse. A bold and long-overdue reform of the education sector would certainly strike a chord and get students' attention. The current system simply isn't working, neither for students nor for teachers. Parrot-like memory work is prioritized over critical thinking and mature debating, and the consequences are, unfortunately, there for all to see. As Einstein rightly put it: "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think." The ball is now in the PN's court to set forth a clear and plausible plan on how to achieve this radical shift in mentality. Big electoral gaps are narrowed by big (and practical) ideas, not petty tweaks.

  • Being Positive

    unfortunately Maltese people are not only interested to know what the labour are doing wrong, what they stole etc etc since I would never stop what the Labour Party did to this country...But we need to be pro active and don't be afraid to tell the Maltese people what we will do if we are back in government, we need to be positive we lost 2 general elections by just telling the Maltese people what labour did wrong so I think that the change it has to be in the mentality first!! Good luck

  • Environmental issues

    To improve our environment : noise in Attard, Lija , Zebbug area should be controlled . Every entertainment entity especially those near ta Qali must adhere to noise abatement standard. Another issue regarding construction : construction within a radius of example 100 metres (this can be studied further) can only be allowed for only one construction at the same time. this would safeguard less noise and better air quality.

  • Penzjoni tas-Servizz

    Il-partit laburisti dahaq b'dawk li rtiraw mis servizz wara 25 sena jew aktar ghax il -weghda li din tizdied ma sehhitx. Din ma tizdied qatt u penzjonant tas-servizz - pulizija , suldat, membru tal-protezzjoni civili, ufficjal korrettiv - jiehu penzjoni li tibqa' l-istess ghal ghomru. Jekk persuna nil-penzjoni tmut din tmut mieghha. Is siehba/sieheb jew mara/ragel tal ex-membru tas servizz jew pensjonant ma tiehu xejn aktar. Tajjeb li gvern gdid jikkunsidra jzid il-penzjoni tas-servizz bhal penzjoni tas-sigurta' socjali ghax l-gholi tal -hajja hija ghall-kulhadd.

  • Long-term local planning

    Unfortunately, I know this one is a long-shot, thanks to Bernard Grech's recent statement that the 2006 local plans will not be amended, but I will list it anyway as I feel strongly about it. We should be looking at the current local plans of the island and re-work them to safeguard what little green areas we have and be smarter with the way we develop. These new local plans should be the skeleton plan for the next 50 - 100 years, with only minor review and amendments allowed every 10-20 years due to any major changes that might arise (climate, changing needs of the island)

  • Intelligent use of alternative energy technologies

    Whether we like it or not (I like it), we need to work towards carbon neutrality, and we are not doing enough in this country to work towards this. Instead we are working on off-setting our carbon footprint by making lots of noise about minor measures, or buying credits from other countries. This is definitely not the way to do it in my opinion. Instead we should make more intelligent and abundant use of alternative energy technologies. This can include the allowance for testing of new alternative energy technologies around the island. This is already being done on a relatively small scale but we can easily ramp this up, especially when it comes to solar, since we boast about having 300 days of sunshine a year. We need to step up our game with the international community by offering funding and resources (e.g. public buildings) for projects submitted and accepted by a select committee of local experts, This will bring money and jobs into the country through the creation of a new industry, allow us to make use of some the latest energy tech in the world, and also help to put our name on the map. This will also, in-turn, work towards us becoming an eco-destination, which in turn will bring more money into the country and diversify our tourism portfolio - history, culture, beaches, food, saving the world! This will also benefit local researchers and make better use of our limited space to generate energy and help us move towards carbon neutrality. One example I can think of would be the mixed use of solar farms and agricultural/park projects. As opposed to just creating a solar farm (e.g. in a disused quarry) work with stakeholders on making better use of the land to both generate electricity through the solar panels while using the land to grow crops and/or experiment with different alternative crop growing tests. Studies have been conducted to show certain benefits of growing some crops beneath non-opaque panels which allow the ground beneath to remain cooler than if crops were directly exposed to the sun.

  • Investment in Sport

    As usual after each Olympics the question what should Malta do to win a medal crops up. The truth is there was never a government which did enough especially for the small associations which actually have a better chance in delivering a medal as they usually run individual sports. The money available for these associations is miserable, with budgets of Eur 3,000 and also they have to pay to rent facilities , even for those run by Sport Mata. In order for sport to thrive I propose that the Government will fully subsidize sports facilities to all national sport associations and increase substantially their budget. The benefits would be more youths to remain active, rather than abandoning sport at a young age (most do so as soon they turn 18) and therefore having a more health society and also increasing Sports tourism. With the current numbers participating in sport , national associations cannot afford to organize good international competitions in Malta. Only after we can start talking about medals. Till now we had cheap talk but no action from politicians of both parties.

  • Eco-Tourism Focus

    People are looking more and more towards ways of off-setting their carbon footprint and contributing towards an eco-friendly way of living both at home and abroad. Malta could act as an eco-friendly destination with the aim of implementing eco-initiatives across the island to not only improve tourism prospects for those people that appreciate eco-friendly destinations and spend a lot of money to enjoy them, but also improve the lives of residents by making their home more sustainable, cleaner and an overall better place to live. The creation of a strategy to implement initiatives that will transform the island into an eco-friendly destination should be focused on, seeing as tourism is one of our main sources of income as a country. These initiatives will have a number of benefits, including but not limited to: - Higher net-worth individuals visiting the country to stay at "eco-resorts" and spend more while here - More diverse job pool for the tourism industry due to newly created industries and services - A better place for locals to live as a result of the eco-friendly initiatives for one of the top economic sectors in the country. These initiatives can come in many shapes and forms and I've included a few suggestions in the comments section.

  • A Holistic Approach to the Land Transport Issues

    Everyone on the island is aware of the huge issues we face here in Malta with land transportation. Traffic is a regular issue throughout the day and air quality is off the charts (in a bad way). We need to look at how we can take a holistic approach to the issue and implemented the required changes for long-term gain. Widening of roads is a very short-sighted solution with massive repercussions for future thanks to the removal of agricultural land and trees, so we should stop this practice immediately. Instead, we should look at transparently conducting a study with seasoned experts on the subject in order to determine the correct way forward, taking into account both the economic and environmental benefits of the different suggestions. An example would be for a linked public transport system involving overground/underground trains with links to small-scale intra-region bus networks and ferry terminals. An proposal I had written about can be seen at http://www.ilpunt.com/2019/01/a-public-transport-proposal-for-maltese.html. This in-turn should also be coupled with other initiatives to encourage to use of these new public transport systems, such as - Increase in road tax for secondary vehicles - Decrease in road tax for light vehicles such as motorcycles (already implemented for 125cc vehicles which was a fantastic idea by the current administration) - Rewards scheme for people using public transport over and above any other form of private transportation (rebate on car insurance/road tax if proven usage of private vehicle is below 40% for example) - Better infrastructure for walking and cycling (which will be possible with less cars on the road). I'm sure there are many other initiatives that can be implemented but the above are just a few.

  • Limited development allowances in localities

    I think it would be beneficial for the general public if we limited the amount of development that can take place within a single locality or region. This would reduce the strain on public infrastructure, reduce traffic issues in the locality, and reduce noise, dust and air pollution in these localities. In the long-term, income from development should only be marginally affected, if at all, but the social and health benefits will be huge, and the government will have time to properly plan for any major infrastructure changes that might be required from an area encountering a massive development boom. An example would be to limit the development that can take place within a locality to 20% of the total built-up area of said locality (percentage can be adjusted following relevant studies on the optimal figure). This must obviously be enforced by the Planning Authority in collaboration with the local councils, which should have more of a say in what happens in the locality from a planning perspective.

  • Fact Checking News Reports and Press Releases

    Employ researchers and journalists, or get people who are passionate about different topics to fact check news items and press releases issued by government, ONE and TVM. Run video campaigns showing statistics and facts that go against their statements and catch them in lies or exaggerating certain things. With clear explainer videos showing official and research materials contradicting their claims. "It is not us saying it...its a fact". With a bit of effort from people who are in the know and who can find these facts fast, you can show that once they feel good with themselves laying about public facts, you can imagine what they do with facts that cannot be verified

  • The past is not a reflection of the future

    I think the fact that you launched a new campaign with new ideas is great. Well done. I think we need to keep pushing for better governance and more responsibility and accountability but evidently the country does not just want that. However, I think the first step that should have been done when launching the Green Ideas is to apologise for the past, admit that realities were different and the mindset changed. Like that you can explain to us voters why we can trust you. Perhaps also put in guarantees in terms of what are your red lines that you pledge not to cross irrespective of what is the project and the owner. That would give us voters some guarantees and also gives the party politicians the guiding light what can be done and what is not acceptable.

  • Dear Decision Makers - A campaign for reproductive rights in Malta

    Dear Decision Makers, The women whose heart-wrenching stories you are about to read, are not numbers. They are not statistics, or “one in a million” cases. They are not “murderers” or “immoral”. They are real people. They have names. They are human beings in their own right, who, regardless of their relation to others, deserve access to healthcare. When you read their stories, do not read them in isolation of their socially and legally constructed predicament. These stories, undoubtedly, are a direct consequence of Malta’s blanket ban on abortion. They are a result of your complacency and complicity. In this country, the human right to bodily autonomy is lost the moment a person becomes pregnant. Despite being a living, fully actualised human-being, it is not uncommon for such individuals to be treated as lesser than their own pregnancies. Through these stories, allow yourself to be immersed by their experiences. Understand the gravity of your actions, or lack thereof. Lawmakers have a responsibility to protect and ensure the wellbeing of citizens in Malta. Their role does not exist to vilify and abandon women in vulnerable positions for political gain. When you read their stories, understand that for every day abortion remains criminalised, you continue to fail them. Additionally, remember to be kind; these stories were not shared out of a desire to recount their experiences, but for the sake of ensuring that no other person will have to endure the same suffering. For that, we are grateful and indebted to them. Do not separate your responsibility from these stories: take in every word, and hold yourself accountable. Use this link to access the stories: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PwoVcw0m4nIvLv3CP1Q8O6vn3bVlYb8C/view?usp=sharing Signed, Laura Paris & Emily Galea

  • Encourage year round tourism

    Start a think tank to figure out how Malta can both grow tourism and also to spread it out throughout the entire year. Malta is known as the country with over 300 days of sunshine, but this doesn't only occur for 2-3 months of summer. There is a good selling point to bring more tourists to Malta during the non summer months - this would create more stability throughout the hotel and catering industry jobs, a more consistent revenue stream for the hotel and catering industry as well as more income for the country in general. Spreading out tourism throughout the entire year will also spill over to other benefits, like reducing the over-population during the summer months. Summer over-population leads to overfilled beaches, overfilled public transport, sky rocketing accommodation prices, overbooked rentals etc. All of which would be well served by a more spread out source of tourism. In the end, such a strategy would improve the lives of Maltese citizens and would leave Malta a lively and more manageable place all year round, not just in Summer.

  • Honesty. Lost nearly forever.

    Now is the time to make the change.

  • Gbir ta skart

    Nissuggerixxi li tiffokaw ftit fuq il gbir ta liskart, sistema falluta 100% taht il PL. Trakkijiet kolla joqtru li nittnu t toroq kolla spacjalment Bugibba, San Pawl area. Ma ninsewx il kampanja laburista fuq il maghtab qabel 2013! Nissuggerixxi wkol biex tahdmu ghal skema mil fondi EU sabiex kull propjeta tinata systema ta RO ghal ilma tax xorb u bhekk nehilsu min hafna plastic. Grazzi

  • Reducing traffic

    I would like to suggest the following in incentivizing drivers to use mass transport systems rather than their own car. TM holds a bank of a cars' mileage, therefore, it should be easy to determine who was using his/her car less frequently than usual over a period of time (a year in this case). Moreover, one can check with Tallinja card whether the bus was used instead. There may be other options as well as car pooling. A driver's car registering lower mileage may benefit from substantial saving in licence fee paid (getting a discount subject to usage). This applies mainly to cars running on fossil fuel but may be extended further to those running on gas or electricity.

  • MT Survey Sunday 05-09-2021

    The write-up states that the PN did not gain anything from the report of the Public Inquiry about DCG assassination. Obviously very few bothered to really understand the findings and recommendations. Needless to say the government went out of its way to hide it and not implement any of the recommendations . The police, which is duty bound to investigate and prosecute identified individuals, who were involved directly or indirectly. I would like to suggest that the report is read and explained on special programmes on Net TV and Net FM. Similarly news of Financial Services Companies, which are surrendering their license, should be accompanied with number of employees who are liable to lose their jobs and financial loss to government.