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  • Full pensions and reduced pensions.

    All pensions shoud get the full ammount of any rise that the government gives. If you are on full pension you get the full rise. But if you are on a reduced pension you only get a persentage of the rise. Surely this is not helping the most vunerably on a reduce pension. First of all the government should give the full rise to all. Secondly as time goes by the rise for thr reduced pension should be bigger. That is the only way the country can start reducing the gap between the HAVES and the HAVENOTS.

  • Local council Security/officers

    I live in st Julian’s, the noisiest and dirtiest place on the island, I suggest that local council should have there own security officers on our streets to prevent us residents from noise pollution and littering

  • Bring our supporters back again

    I believe that all the governments that Malta ever had was due to how PN supporterd voted. PL supporters NEVER vote PN. So we need to convince the PN supporters to come back. As they say "laburist sal-mewt". As EZL stated ĠAĦAN.

  • Children with disabilities

    Parents of Children with disabilities &/or other needs, need to fork out a lot of money (more than the disability allowance) in order for their children to receive therapy as the gov services are inundated with referrals and have long waiting lists. So there needs to be a system where these children are given perhaps extra vouchers to receive therapy elsewhere. Also cannot stress the need for proper pavements/ walking paths that are suitable & accessible for everyone !

  • Personalised Social Care

    We can no longer rely on social benefits and social care systems which provide one-size-fits-all solutions. Maltese society has become more complex than ever before and this is being reflected in emerging social realities that are also giving rise to multi-faceted social problems. Thus, the time has come so that whoever encounters social difficulties in life, can upon filing a request to the relevant authorities, be assigned a social care officer who assists and advises such a person, or group of persons e.g. family, in better managing / overcoming the difficulties one comes across in life.

  • Laws are for everyone!

    Unfortunately being a small country everyone knows each other. I really am disappointed cause the law is not equal for everyone so my biggest wish is that all laws are implemented and enforcement increased. We should keep Malta tidy at all costs and to see this enforcement active the use of cctv’s is a must so we reduce more irregularities around the island . An example of this is that a filthy car with an expired license has been parked on my street for over 3 months ( Victory street in Zabbar ) informing authorities ( police station, depot, tweeted minister in charge and even prime minister) but till today car is still here ! We need change !

  • Mental Health

    One in three people worried about their mental health in July (Times 31/8/21 article ) It’s time to consider mental health as a top priority hand in hand with protecting the environment - also offering first aid training: from local councils to businesses & organisations. Mental health services should be offered from health Centres 24/7 - to deal with emergencies and offer immediate help/first aid even if called out to visit a patient, when necessary. To consider subsidising costs to psychologist/psychiatric for those with chronic situations. To get some meds onto the POYC system. To beef up recreational spaces in each community /locality so people can take healthy walks without air or noise pollution. To insist that buildings must factor in, the mental health of residents living in pokey places, so closely near each other without ‘lung spaces’ to enjoy. Mental health is a key issue affecting people’s work, production output levels, quality of family relationships, impact on common good in society - it must be given a decent enough budget to cater for more professionals in the field. If necessary, import professionals from overseas to cater for the demand. Perhaps offer pledges to NGOs who initiate & enable wellbeing projects in the community, for children, youth, the elderly etc…. To get off their screens but enjoy the outdoors. To offer opportunities for volunteering so people can share their talents, qualities, expertise and feel needed by others who seek them. This sense of purpose and belonging is more valuable than money for some. A campaign to teach people the value of mental health over ‘wealth’ is necessary, to get our priorities right. Thank you

  • Prioritising the Agricultural sector to reach Eu green deal targets

    As agriculture is a sector that contribute but also mitigate green house gases emissions, one need to think creatively to reduce green house gasses while increase carbon dioxide absorption both by trees and plants and Soil. Eu funds for rural development of the next program need to be directing on efficiency example by using Manure treatment (biogas), pelleting and waste to energy on farm to reduce operational costs. One most not forget that storing Manure with a high moisture content will generate a lot of Methane emissions that contribute to green house gasses. Also one must consider changing a proportion of the sector to new kind of rearing system, like slow growing that is gaining momentum in other Eu countries which incorporate smaller animal density, added welfare and sell directly from the farm ( Eu farm to fork strategy). Producing energy form farms is a challenge since usually they are situated far away form the grid and the investment to connect is quiet reasonable . This mean that while planning our grid distribution one need to think about energy coming from farms. Maltese agriculture should not be directed in a channel to copy large scale productions system and compete with large scale farming but given the opportunity to build a customer to farmer approach where costumer can have and support the producer that they trust. Local legislation need to be changed to facilitate this process.

  • Flyers.

    I sujjest for the party to at least start sending leaflets or flyers reminding to every household explaining the corruptionb and cost of living spikes we are experiecing. With the manipulation of the media i think its the only way to reach the people at least once every 3 weeks

  • Separation cases, system flawed.

    Anything relating to justice, like courts, lawyers, mediations etc should be rethought, and reconfigured. During bonaria separation cases the lawyers discuss between themselves (when they remember) at their own speed, many at times leaving their clients waiting even for months with relative simple cases taking years. One lawyer says I had sent emails to their lawyer while the other lawyer says they never received them, and weeks and months are lost while any people and their children remain unsettled not being able to move on with their lives creating tension and frustration for their families. A website for mediation cases should be made available so anyone who logs in has only his case showing, the cases are not visible to anyone else. The site will, show all correspondence and relative dates between the lawyers and mediators, and also the latest achievements of the case, so that everything is transparent! A lot of people are going from bonaria to court because their lawyers are not always transparent and not always following up their case on a regular basis. Both parties think that eachother are playing delaying tactics while lawyers are taking more work in than they can really handle. The whole system forces troubled individuals into heavy delays and in the meantime to cough up their life long savings. It needs a complete overhaul so that it truly serves the families and not those who run the system!

  • Suggestions to included in next election manifest

    1. Buy land from people in the outskirts but within the development zone and covert it to green areas... *pay rent to people having fields not in use and plant trees... * invest in watering drones so that areas can remain green all year round * Each city/village should have a building criteria. Ex. Only houses with 2 stories in a specific shape, colour. I understand that it is difficult now to revert the damage... But whoever plans to live in an area would know the restrictions. If I want to live in a 10 storey condo I can move to village A.. If I am ready to build in line with the requirements of village B then well and good. Our buildings are a havoc and just leave no sense on tranquility when you look at them. * pay teachers like professionals... * increase minimum wage but give incentives to the employer. * calculate the value of the money that were stolen from corruption and commit to give them back to the people, not in capital investment.. But directly in their pockets... Whether if its in vouchers, investment plans or tax rebates.. People want money in their pocket. If money is stolen and they are not affected they don't care. But if they know that if this money is not stolen they stand to gain personally I think it would be a different story.

  • Change your position on abortion

    I was saddened to hear that the Nationalist Party is against the decriminalisation of abortion. As someone who hears from many Maltese women who need abortions for various reasons, I encourage you to reconsider your position. If you understood the difficulties and stress these women go through you would drop the populist "favur il-ħajja" slogan and do the right thing. You do not have to be in favour of abortion to remove a law that sends women and girls who have abortions to prison.

  • Practical ideas for sustainable energy

    All points mentioned below might be able to benefit from European funding --------------------------- 1. To implement residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a prerequisite to construction. Put into law and enforce a law that states that ANY newly constructed building (include necessary conditions) must be planned in a way that provides the space for installation of renewable energy generating equipment. Also include that said equipment must be installed before the building is used for any residential or commercial purposes. Set a minimum requirement for energy generation of 25% of all the building’s energy needs. If in any calendar year, any of these buildings generate less than 25% of the electricity consumed, the difference will be charged at an extremely high rate. Over time, most renewable energy generating equipment loses efficiency. This must be catered for in the conditions in a way that requires building owners to replace the equipment once efficiency is reduced or pay the extremely high rate mentioned above. Details to be ironed out, but this is a blueprint to work off of. This will marginally inflate the cost of property, but at least it’s property inflation for a good reason, not just random greed and the new owners will have reduced electricity bills. --------------------------- 2. To implement incentives for residential and commercial renewable energy generation as a part of property purchasing. Create an incentive whereby when people purchase a property, a substantial percentage of (or 100% of) the stamp duty paid by the buyer is returned to the buyer in the form of vouchers which may ONLY be redeemed in the form of purchases for equipment installed to generate renewable energy. --------------------------- 3. To create a platform/marketplace where people rent their extra space for energy generation There would be a need for a legal framework and term contracts, but by doing this, anyone with extra unused space could rent out their space to people who don’t have space where to generate their own renewable electricity. This could be useful for; a) People NOT part of points 1 and 2 above - who don’t have space in their own property for renewable energy, but who want to contribute to renewable electricity generation and a lowering of their yearly electricity bills. b) People from point 2 above who have purchased a property which doesn’t have space to install renewable energy generating equipment - and therefore don’t have anywhere where to use the vouchers. c) Anyone who wants to invest in the increase of renewable energy --------------------------- 4. To create a crowdfunded renewable energy farm with a yearly ROI It doesn’t have to be a single farm in one place, but a network of equipment throughout the island. Either through space rented out in point 3 or by utilising any appropriate space that becomes available, the government could set up an investment opportunity where anyone can invest even the smallest amount of money and the ROI will be determined by electricity generation of the entire network. Of course, I have simplified the idea and it would be much more complex to implement, but not impossible - and also self funded.

  • Linkedin.

    It is now a must to have a party page on LinkedIn. So very important. Best to start this up immediately and have someone to get as many people to follow. If you need my assistance, I am available.

  • Leading professionally.

    About time this country is managed by competent people. Managed not only by the ministers and prime minister but also by competent people who will professionally lead all government dept's and entities. Honesty, efficiency, maturity, transparency, are a few values which have totally disappeared. This is where I want to help out. This is where all those who are leaders, should come forward. There is so much to do to ensure synergie, creativity, innovation. I am ready, and you?

  • Deficit

    How important it is to emphasise the Maltese Islands deficit. Not everybody really understands what this means for our present and future. Not many will understand what a handicap this is and what can happen. Is there a solution? Which? Explain. This merits a few billboards.

  • Social Media Outreach

    Let's create three Facebook groups. One officially run by the party with posting restricted to party officials and elected members and candidates, a group for paid up members and one for general discussion.

  • Activities at Dar Centrali

    Start doing activities at Dar Central. Open a Snack Bar . Dar Centrali should be a meeting place for people of like mind . Not only for discussion but where we can meet and Enjoy. . Wish to thank you for your hard work too.

  • Elevating the Poverty Trap in Malta !

    Poverty traps are real in Malta and all across the world. The social benefits provided by government may hinder people from moving up the social ladder due to feeling comfortable and earning income by doing nothing. We need to incentives people to work and actually move out away from social benefits. Many initiatives and ideas come to mind so feel free to contact me and we can discuss. Self Sufficient living homes are an example - Carers and the carer system .... Should everyone be able and allowed to apply as a live in carer ? even without the necessary qualifications? Definitely not --- lets educate people and create a better society.

  • Area for conservation / public use

    In today's article by Lovin Malta, it said: "Cutajar said the PN was asking the public to get in touch and point out spaces that could potentially be converted into green areas. " There is a large green area in the center of Mosta on the market and I think it's important to have this land protected to avoid replacing a mature garden with concrete. It's also a great opportunity to have a large public garden in the center of a major town. This land consists of a villa measuring approx 311sqm and a garden measuring approx 6800sqm and is currently on the market for 6.8M (raised from approx 5M around a year ago) This land is situated behind the popular Mellows Cafe' in Mosta. https://www.google.com/maps/place/35%C2%B054'34.4%22N+14%C2%B025'27.8%22E/@35.9095461,14.4244471,95m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.9095466!4d14.4243909 https://www.propertymarket.com.mt/view/plot-for-sale-mosta-4122532301898548870/