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Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



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  • Higher Taxes on buying exotic animals and breeding of cats and dogs

    Out on the streets, there are still a lot of cats and dogs that need our attention, but the majority keeps ignoring them and then you have some who enjoy doing business from mating pure breeds. I love all animals and this is unfair on animals so it should be either stopped or high taxed.

  • Much more participation required. Much more.

    In my opinion, we still only have a few people who are suggesting what should be done under a NP government. I emphasise that such communication is so much required as the bigger the team the more the ideas and the more teamwork participation. On NET TV, during programmes which relate to political matters, and maybe even those which not, we should start seeing pop ups, as in: "place your advice and ideas on the Web site https://www.pn.org.mt/suggestion Insejjhu lill kullhadd biex jibghatu l ideajt u il pariri taghhom fuq is sit https://www.pn.org.mt/suggestion." On the radio, this should be repeated verbally in many programmes too. Thank you. Grazzi.

  • Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership

    Cleaner, Greener Malta - PN way ahead - New semi mature Tree planted for every new membership

  • Housing

    The government should add additional storeys to existing Govt. Housing estates to accommodate families/ young couples who are on the waiting list.

  • Windmills

    nixtieq nara dan il wirt Malti jigi restawrat. Hemm hafna mezzi kif. Dawk ta l ghelieqi, jistaghu isebbhu il kampanja u l-uzu taghhom huwn eko friendly. Dawk tal gebel, ikunu attrazzjoni sabiha ghat turizmu.

  • Change is now inevitable but...

    Change is now inevitable, but we need to ensure that get as many people on board as possible within the party. No need for long hours. Social media is ultra effective. A post a day is enough. A post which shows what we can can become. Even under the present situation there are people out here who can, for example, lure more investments into Malta. Contacts can be made as of now. Now is the time to plan such investments. Once the NP is in power, we clear the greylisting bad dream and move on. Next is how to create a better workforce. What is missing? I can assist. So much to do and work on. We need the right people to assist, so I ask one and all to participate. Do not let fear push you away. The future can be brighter than Bright. Join in.

  • Serious and honest people in high positions in Malta.

    This is what we need when a new government is elected. This is the key to many of the huge problems the Maltese Islands are facing. We have to ensure transparency, professionalism, honesty, maturity and these people exist. A huge effort has to be made to lure such people in government high positions. People who can offer foresight, creativity and innovation. People who will build formidable teams within their dept. Let's move on. We need a really good change.

  • Conrad Mizzi.

    Would it not be a great idea to place on the social media the PAC meeting of today?

  • Ways of reducing traffic.

    It is obvious to all that since schools restarted, traffic problem is a nightmare in any area and at any time. It could take you up to one hour to cover a 10km distance. An immediate action plan is required which could include: incentivising parents to send their kids to extra curricular activities in their locality - e.g.most towns provide football training but parents persist in sending their kids to other localities, every child arriving in a separate SUV. Whereas if kids attending extra curricular activities in their own locality, they could walk or cycle there. O levels should be held in students' own schools not centralised, creating chaos in the vicinity of exam centres and increasing stress on students that they will not arrive on time. Remote working in private companies and taxi pooling to work should again be prioritised, it is common again to see thousands of cars with a driver only.

  • Budget.

    I think will be very important to set a meeting with all stakeholders, as of now, to discuss their reactions towards the budget being presented. It is important because the stakeholders, will clearly outline what is both positive and negative in the forthcoming budget.

  • Trade schools

    I am of the opinion that a number of trades are re introduced. In other words a trade school. The obsession that all our students need to go to university has its disadvantages. Certain students might not be good for university however are excellent in a trade. Let us go for it. I am positive that it will be a success. Think about it.

  • Insulate Malta

  • Mater Dei Parking

    Lately I am noticing many complaints re Hospital parking. I know it a private company running the parking...but I suggest that who issues the license should change or negotiate new terms. I also don't agree that -1 & -2 are reserved for staff only....and noticing that many car spaces are free from cars. This is very frustating. I hope that the party will take this into consideration. THKS

  • Planting of trees and greenery.

    If anybody had to ask me to fork out money so that a tree is planted, I would agree. 1 tree, not more. You?

  • Life is what you make it.

    Life is what you make it. The present and the future lies in the hands of the Maltese and Gozitan population. My advice is "do not ruin what we all managed to acquire years ago and let us build our future together" The photo says it all.

  • Jeħtieġ investiment fil-Marketing

    Nixtieq nissuġġerixxi li jsir marketing aktar b'saħħti u effettiv tal-proposti li l-PN qiegħed iħabbar minn jum għall-ieħor. Dan il-marketing suppost ilu li beda. Fl-opinjoni tiegħi s'issa li qed isir mhux biżżejjed. U dan qed jirrifletti fis-surveys li qed isiru. Hemm bżonn li jiġi ġġenerat għarfien nazzjonali ta' x'qiegħed isarraf il-PN illum. Dnub li qiegħda ssir tant ħidma tajba, tmexxija eċċellenti, proposti fattibbli u prattiċi, u li jolqtu kull qasam tal-poplu Malti, imma mbagħad, f'dak li hu marketing il-PN qiegħed tant batut. Biex tagħqad, hemm il-problema tal-PBS li mhux qed jagħti spazju lill-PN. Hemm bżonn li jsir investiment fil-marketing biex jintlaħqu l-maġġoranza tan-nies hemm barra.

  • Dione Borg

    Just to let you know that Dione Borg's programme on Net FM are really the thing PN needed on Radio. He conducts the programmes in an impeccable manner. He is very capablle of replying to 'difficult' phone-ins without being patronising or critical. Thank you very much. I do believe that the Radio is more effective than TV as one can listen in to programmes whilst tackling household chores or is stuck in traffic ! TV programmes are OK but one tends to be distracted by the studio layout and the presenter's dress and attitude. Once agani, thank you and let us have more of these programmes onces the elections are looming and we sorely need to step up propaganda. Ethel Abela life-member.

  • Employee retention.

    EMPLOYEE RETENTION. I honestly feel that it is now high time to legally enforce removal of certain text placed in situations vacant. The most alarming is this one. "willing or ready to work under stress" In my humble opinion, such statements throw a very bad light on the company seeking new employees. This only shows that the company either dios not have the right culture, or the right leadership, or the right structures in place, or the employees are just a number, or the management is falling apart. Why should we work under stress? If there is really a lot if stress at any workplace, something is very abnormal and incorrect. I would agree to be employed to eliminate stress but not to work under stress. Stress and anxiety only gets to burn outs, many errors, no motivation, no innovation, no creatitivity. Stress also is the cause of family problems, big time. E L I M I N A T E. E D U C A T E. M A N A G E C H A N G E. WE ARE IN THE 20TH CENTURY. PLEASE.

  • Il-PN jeħtieġlu jidħol sew fl-aħbarijiet tal-PBS

    Aħna nafu li l-PN bħalissa għandu l-aqwa proposti li jolqtu lil kull settur tal-poplu Malti. Il-proposti ħerġin u qed jiġu spjegati sew u b'mod ċar. Imma qed jiġri li fix-xandir nazzjonali dawn qajla qed jissemmew, ovvjament apposta biex jieħdu l-vantaġġ dawk tal-gvern tal-lejber. Allura dawn qed jissemmew biss fuq in-Net TV u Net FM, fejn jisimgħuhom kważi tista' tgħid in-Nazzjonalisti biss. Kif jgħid il-Malti: qed nippriedkaw lil dawk li diġà ikkonvertew! M'hemmx triq oħra ħlief li, b'xi mod jew ieħor l-Oppożizzjoni tidħol bis-sewwa jew bid-dnewwa fil-PBS biex ix-xandir ikun tassew 'fair'. U dan qabel il-kampanja elettorali, għax imbagħad ikun tard wisq, kif ġara fl-elezzjonijiet ta' qabel. Għax imbagħad, min ma jkunx sema' bihom qabel, jaħsibhom li huma bluff ta' kampanja elettorali.

  • Mobilta aħjar - sistema ta’ mass transit: Underground?

    Dan huwa suġġett li studjajtu sew bejn is-sena 2006 u 2008 meta kont Head of Secretatiat fl-MUDR. Kelli diġa il-pjan konċettwali / ġenerali imma kont qed ninsisti li kien għad iridu jsiru studji fil-fond qabel ma tkun tista’ titieċed xi forma ta direzzjoni generali. Sfortunatament wara l-elezzjoni tal-2008, tbiddel il-Ministru u waqaf kollox. Peress li dan is-suġġett issa qam fl-attenzjoni pubblika wara iktar minn tlettax-il sena li twaqqaft minn minustru ta’ gvern nazzjonalista, nixtieq ngħaddi ħsibijiet u kunsiderazzjonijiet li akkwistajt mill-għarfien u esperjenzi tiegħi. Hemm ħafna x’nista’ ngħid u nikkontribwixxi, imma għal issa se nullimita ruħi għal kunsiderazzjonijiet relevanti fil-mument u stadju eżistenti. Qabel ma xi ħadd jibda jħażżeż minn fejn se tgħaddi u x’forma tista’ tieħu sistema ta’ mass transport bħal underground u/jew xi forma ta’ light rail u/jew monorail u/jew etc., l-ewwel irid isir studju dettaljat tal-ħtiġijiet ta’ mobilita tal-poplu kollu; minn fejn jitilqu u fejn imorru, il-ħin tal vjaġġ, frekwenza, etc. Dan ikun meħtieġ biex b’hekk ikunu determinati ċentri ta’ fejn jiggravita il-fluss. Ma ninsewx li sistema bħal din hija waħda li titlob investiment qawwi ħafna li tkun piż kbir fuq l-ekonomija. Li naqbdu u nħażżu linji minn ċentru abitat għal ieħor mingħajr ma kull linja tkun valutata sew ikun dnub sagrilegu għax dik tispiċċa tkun riċetta li twassal għal kundanna ta’ mewt minn qabel ma l-proġett jitwieled. Qatt ma nistgħu ninjoraw il-‘profitabilita’ (mhux biss immedjatament monitarji) hija kritika. Ma ninsewx li għax fil-passat f’ Malta l-esiġenzi tal-ferrovija li kienet inbniet kienu biss ibbażati fuq eżiġenzi militari, din is-sistema ta’ trasport malajr falliet! Minħabba dan, ma narax li tista’ tinħoloq sistema universali għal dawn il-gżejjer li tkun meħuda fiha nnifisha imma trid tinbena sistema magħmula minn numru ta’ modi ta’ trasport minsuġa flimkien b’mod li ma jkunx hemm ‘skossi’ biex wieħed jibdel minn wieħed għal ieħor filwaqt li toffri l-iktar sistema bl-ikbar firxa geografika u l-aktar konvenjenti u attrajenti. Qabel ma tista’ issir konsultazzjoni oġġettiva, huwa imperattiv li jsiru studji serji (fosthom li semmejt hawn fuq imma mhux biss), u skont dak li joħroġ minn dawn l-istudji jitfasslu għażliet alternattivi diversi. Hemm biss tista’ issir il-vera konsultazzjoni mgħarrfa u mhux waħda bbażata biss fuq impressjonijiet u gosti personali.