Għandek suġġeriment tajjeb?

Aqsam l-ideat tiegħek hawn

Għandek idea speċifika dwar kif Malta tista’ ssir post aħjar?

Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

Segwi t-tweġibiet uffiċjali tagħna hawn.



L-amministraturi ta' din il-websajt jirriżervaw id-dritt li jneħħu suġġerimenti li fihom profanità, omofobija, sessiżmu, aggressjoni jew instigazzjonijiet ta' vjolenza.


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Do you have a specific idea about how to make Malta a better place? 

Maybe you have a suggestion about how to improve your neighbourhood, or how PN can become more effective.

We have always believed in empowering citizens to improve the common good. That’s why your ideas are so important.

We want to turn these ideas into reality. So share them here and build on other people’s suggestions.

Watch this space for our official replies.



The admins of this website reserve the right to remove suggestions that contain profanity, homophobia, sexism, aggression, or instigations of violence.


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  • Miskina B'Buga

    B'Buga huwa rahal li jikkontribwixxi bil kbir ghal Malta, ezempju l Power Station, il hazna tal Gas wara l Freeport, il Freeport u ohrajn. Dawn huma tajbin ghall ekonomija imma qed ihallu impatt negattiv fuq ir residenti f'termini ta' inkwinament, storbju u dhahen tossici... bhal ma jaf kulhadd!! Nahseb li xieraq li ghallinqas il gvern ma jkomplix iwaddab iktar problemi f'B'Buga! Jien minhiex kontra t trakka IMMA din qatt ma kellha sdir fil limiti ta' B'Buga. U ma jigux bl iskuza li n nies iriduha t trakka. Iriduha minn irid itellaq li hafna minnhom ma jghixux hawn! Fejn hu l PN f'dan ir rigward? Possibbli m'hawn hadd minn jaqbez ghalina?!

  • Birzebbuga minsija?

    Nhoss li l-PN ghandu jkun aktar kritiku ghall-mod kif qeghdin jizvilupaw l-affarijiet gewwa Birzebbuga. Ghadu kemm thabbar li ser jssir trakka gewwa HalFar. Din ser jzid hafna storbju ma dak li diga hemm ghan-nies ta' Birzebbuga. In-nies ta' Birzebbuga qeghdin jigu murija progetti ohra ta' tisbieh semplicement biex jghattu progett li se jkompli johnoq lir-residenti ta' Birzebbuga. Jiena nhoss li l-Pl qieghed jimmanipula s-sitwazzjoni f'Birzebbuga minghajr ma jsib rezistenza ta' xejn mill-PN. Jiena nhoss li s-sitwazzjoni ta' Birzebbuga ghandha tkun aktar fuq l-agenda tal-PN.

  • Construction Related Matters

    I believe it is time to consider this part of our economy prop

  • Construction Related Matters

  • Li s-ceiling tat-taxxa jerga' jibda joghla kif kien isir kull sena taht Dr Gonzi.

    Nissuggerixxi li r-rati tas-ceilings tat-taxxa jergghu jibdew jizdiedu kif kien isir kull budget taht Dr Gonzi. Tafu li dawn ir-rati ilhom ma jizdiedu mill-2013 - l-ahhar budget li ghamel Dr Gonzi? Kif il-PN qatt ma semma' xejn u ma kkritikax lill-gvern kemm felah dwar dan? Dan ifisser li z-zidiet kollha li kien jaghti l-gvern kollha regghu spiccaw ghandu fl-ahhar tas-sena. Ghax anke l-batuti, ta' pagi baxxi u l-pensjonanti single b'pensjoni baxxa spiccaw jinqabdu bit-taxxa. Ma nistax nifhem kif il-PN qatt ma semma' xejn dwar dan!! Mhux ta' b'xejn jizdied il-faqar!!

  • Leadership.

    This is what we all want to see in a new PM.

  • solar panels

  • Under a new NP administration.

    There is absolutely no doubt that certain changes, even if difficult to implement, have to be done, and I will outline a few: Government depts: an employee analysis has to be done. We must change the culture. The civil servant has to be treated much better and that we show them that somebody out there appreciates their work. We also have to kill the perception that people join up as a civil servant just because it is so easy going. If this, then, is not a perception, then action has to be taken. No need to employ a consultancy firm to do this and spend hundreds of thousands. All one needs is a hands on team. From experience, this is very doable. Then we come to coordination between ministries and govt depts. This is a must. Today, it's everybody on their own. Tomorrow we must ensure synergie, foresight, creativity and innovation. Transparency is also on the list. Again, it only takes a good team to make this happen. A new team, new designations. Such teams should be answerable only to the PM or the vice PM. No beating about the bush here. It will take many months to do all this this, but once it is done, structures in place, procedures, policies and processes, then we shall end up with a real professional approach. Last but not least, recognition, respect and remuneration. Those who work hard have to be remunerated. Those who have pride in working have to be recognized. Those who want to build a career have to be respected.

  • Inheritance tax and restaurant vat

    I suggest that the inheritance tax is abolished completely. This will alow families to restore old buildings that would have been inherited. However if the building is sold for redevelopment a five per cent tax is implemented. Re restaurant vat. All restaurants are to charge 5per cent. Clients are then reminded that they are to be given a fiscal receipt. In every restaurant a sign is to be put up that every client is to get a receipt and if caught not issuing a receipt the restaurant is fined a 1000euro. Rest assured that the government will manage to collect more tax by lowering the vat rate. This was successful in other countries Awaiting for your comments

  • Family

    I would like to point out that contraception should not be offered free to those not willing to start a family. I would much prefer counselling and guidance. For me contraception is something very immoral . It closes the door to life. Please do not promote contraception.

  • Net Live.

    If we want more participation from the population, please ensure that during NET Live, the WhatsApp number is left for all to see on screen during the whole program. This way, we shall get more advice, opinions, ideas. Thank you.

  • Net Live.

    If we want more participation from the population, please ensure that during NET Live, the WhatsApp number is left for all to see on screen during the whole program. This way, we shall get more advice, opinions, ideas. Thank you.

  • Information about voting in the coming elections.

    Good afternoon to all, sources that are very well into elections and have participated in the counting hall and as commissioners say that Labour has a state of the art data connected to the Mobile via GPS it helps if we turn off our mobile before we proceed to the voting polls.

  • New Future, New Building Policies

    A built environment that is shackled by Local Plans from 2006 (15 years old) and Design Policies from 2015 (6 years old) cannot dream of Malta in 2022 and beyond. Remove them* and implement new policies that address climate change, decarbonisation, 0 waste culture, reuse and recyclability, affordable housing, psychological and physical well-being, etc. One simple example would be to make Environmental Performance Certification a requisite of the planning process. *Invocation of "right to build 'x' floors" at this point is deceitful because it is the Planning Board and not Local Plans (or any other policy) that give people PERMISSION to develop. If it were a right, then the Planning Authority wouldn't exist.

  • A new Agency for Planning and Designing the Public Realm

    Take a proactive approach to planning and designing the public realm (i.e. pavements, pedestrian links, public buildings, public spaces, gardens, the shore, etc.) rather than allowing the public realm become an after-thought and a left-over space after private development is planned and built. Local Councils' participation in such an agency would encourage Councils to think holistically about their respective localities, improving the present capsular, sporadic and often wasteful plans for their slice of the public realm (in spite of any good intentions they may have).

  • Animals , parking

    Rigw.ard qtates ta barra importanti ikun hemm santw.a.rji kif ukoll cimiterju ghalijom u vouchers ghal ikel kif ukoll neutering campaign ukoll imp parking space Ghar residenti or Rabat Peress li noqod hawn

  • United we stand. Divided we fall.

    A clear messege to anybody who is not loyal to the NP. The party has made huge progress and will even be more successful in the near future. It is very healthy not to agree on everything, but it is very bad when one thinks that one is above the law. Anybody who thinks that he/she is above the party's policies, has to leave and leave now, no matter what the consequences are. Our party today, as always, stands for unity, honesty and is built only on honest and mature people. My message is clear. Back off. The photo speaks for itself. Any good leader leads not disrupts. Today we have a leader who is a true leader with a conscience. Honest, trustworthy, reliable, hard working. Back off.

  • This is the PN.

    We all have to work hard to bring about the so much desired CHANGE. We cannot only rely on the NP. Join us to achieve what is RIGHT.

  • Poyc

    My now 9 year old son is celiac. We've been living with this special diet for 6 years . We are eligible for gluten free poyc vouchers. We spend almost 30e only for bread to take to school the rest i 15e have to buy pasta cereal etc..... In 2021 this amount is ridiculous. Also we cannot choose any product that contains choclate even if it's gluten free. Ez choclate cornflakes is not on the list plain cereal only

  • Net TV.

    Is it possible to have 45 minutes before or after NET news discussing in the simplest of ways, each PN proposal and explaining, once again in very simple terms, what each proposal means exactly and how such proposals are going to affect our population, industries? I would name such a programme "Nispjegaw il proposti taghna". I would also wish that the explanations of such proposals are in English so that all foreigners understand. We need their support too, even though many will. Not vote. They might even be tempted to contribute financially.