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  • Removal of Sisa

    Since a couple of years, Edward Scicluna added SISA to imports from abroad so every importer with each order needs to have workings done of how many kg and Litres of actual net weight of product is being imported in that order. Eg if we import a mascara, each mascara has 9ml of actual product. Workings for a medium sized order can take even 5 hrs! Shipping companies had to create entire departments to deal with the processing of the Sisa. Before the sisa is worked out and submitted, the goods are not released from customs. The sisa tax is then added to the whole order and this is reflected in the price of the end consumer. The Chamber of Commerce was working on the issue for a while to try and arrange the situation to no avail. Thanks

  • Electric modes of transport

    In order to ensure the take-up of electric mobility users need to be helped but not only financially. Some suggestions: 1) All new buildings/ apartment blocks and office should be obliged by law to have a number of charging posts in their respective garage or pay a hefty fine that will go towards charging stations in the locality. 2) Office blocks should be obliged to provide showers and secure parking spaces for bikes. 3) Long term and open ended/ongoing grants should be made available for the purchase of electric bikes. 4) Bus lanes need to be introduced without delay. 5) Siemens have teamed up with Ubitricity to provide charging points on street lamp posts. This technology is available. Malta needs thousands of such charging stations/points and not a trickle a year. 6) Electric scooters need dedicated parking spaces across every locality as has been done in London. Photo attached.

  • Windfarms

    Forget about photovoltaic farms on this tiny Island. We hardly have enough land for ourselves. But we have acres and acres of sea surrounding us. Let us go for windfarms. Hurd's Bank? https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/uk-news/2021/09/16/how-uae-backed-wind-farm-pointed-the-way-to-a-floating-future/ https://www.thenationalnews.com/2017/10/19/hywind-scotland-worlds-first-floating-wind-farm/ https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/energy/equinor-posts-q2-profit-beating-on-the-back-of-strong-refining-performance-1.1053913

  • merchandise transport to Gozo

    Most containers bound for Gozo are unloaded either at the Freeport or at Ras Hanzir at Marsa. They then have to go up to Cirkewwa for crossing over to Gozo, sometimes causing considerable traffic jams en route. Since Marsa and B'Bugia are both in the southern area of Malta, can't there be a ferry specifically assigned to these trucks/containers whereby they are loaded from one of the ports and taken directly to Gozo. This will result in less travel time on the road as well as less pollution and less stress for the drivers of these heavy vehicles.

  • Regarding double pension act 1979

    My husband has been retired for the last 17 years and his social pension has been reduced because he earns company pension. Since then, total pension stolen by government amounts to €100000,this being €500 per month. Is there any hope that a new government does something to refund some of its money?


    Tigi ikkalkulata paga fejn wiehed jista mhux biss jezisti bil minimum wage izda jista jghix hajja aċċettabbli u dinjituza ghaz zmien tal llum. Din kienet wegħda li għamel JM tmien snin ilu, izda li umbghad ma kellux il kuragg jiffaċċja l employers. Nemmen li jekk din tkun diskussa b'mod matur mal MCESD min issa, biex tkun tapered in fi ftit zmien, u tkun feasible ghal employers din tista tkun flagship tal proposti ghal elezzjoni ghal PN. Ovjament din, bħal kwalunkwe proposta oħra ghandha tkun costed, dettaljata u spjegata sabiex din il weghda tkun kredibbli.

  • Being positive in a country which is not normal.

  • Malta.

    This I state to the a Maltese and Gozitan population. We need to change, slowly but surely. We will not grow and we might even drown. Photo says it all.

  • The difference between the Nationalist party and their great team and the Labour party.

    With the labour govt you have already paid a price and so will our children.

  • Pension scheme.

    In my opinion, due to the fact that today it is so difficult to find the right employees, the pension scheme has to change. A person born in 1960, can retire at age 64. Now, if he/she has paid enough NI contributions, exactly 35 years or more, they can retire at 61, but cannot work until the age of 64. This can easily change and they can still get their pension at 61 and be allowed to work. They will all be paying tax and NI, so more income for the govt and they will assist to overcome this employee shortage. Moreover, more money to be earned and obviously to be spent. I sincerely hope this is doable.

  • Animal Hospital

    There should be an animal hospital that is free of charge for adopted animals.

  • Free Medicins

    Disabled persons and elderly persons end up paying hundreds of Euros per month to buy vitamins and some other pills which they are prescribed by specialists but are not given to them for free by the Govt....I small example is the Rivarolto pills which cost €54 for 28 tablets...I.e.€ 54 a month apart from the cost of other pills/vitamins....

  • Carers for disabled/elderly persons

    Those families who are employing a carer to take care of thier disabled relative or elderly relatives should get full support (full refund of salary, tax and NI) re the carers being employed by them. We have been paying for all this for the last 12 years....this means we have not utilised the Govt facilities for the last 12 years...saved the Govt thousands of euros...the people who opt for this option and keep thier relatives at home should get full refund and not part refunds....and if possible back dated.

  • Studenti - Suġġeriment 1

    Is-soċjeta' Edukattiva Maltija m'hija xejn jekk ma nagħtux valur lil istudent. Jien qed nipropona ħajja ideali u aktar komda għall-istudent fosthom: - Żieda fl-istipendju - Airconditions f'kull skola/Kulleġġ/universita ta' Malta - Aktar tagħlim fuq l-għarfien tal-ħajja sesswali - Iffokar biex innaqsu it-toqol tal-basket tal-istudent billi ninkludu il-kotba fuq oġġetti elettroniċi - Għażliet għal suġġetti edukattivi fejn jidħlu snajja f'kull skola - Għażla għal għajnuna psikoloġika b'xejn għal studenti li jkollhom problemi psikoloġiċi speċjalment lil studenti li jkollhom il-ġenituri separati/divorzjati. Dawn huma suġġerimenti li jistaw itejbu il-kwalita' ta' ħajja tal-istudent. Li l-istudent ikollu għażla varja fejn jidħlu suġġetti akkademiċi hija ta' benefiċju kbir lejn in-naħa tal-istudent. Inżommu f'moħħna li jekk student ma jkollux għażla varja fit-tielet sena sekondarja u ma jolqtu l-ebda suġġett għaliex ikun miġbud lejn is-snajja, ma jkollu l-ebda għażla ħlief li jistudja suġġetti kontra qalbu.

  • Ħondoq ir-Rummien

    Change local plans to protect Ħondoq ir-Rummien as suggested by Qala mayor. It is useful to put this proposal in context: • The Gozo local plan policy allows a hotel and a marina, but NOT residential. The site value that was quoted recently in the media is based on extensive residential development and therefore it is completely off the mark. The land value of the site is much less, especially considering the cost of building a marina along an exposed coastline. • Contrary to what has been reported in a recent news reports, the site is NOT within scheme. It is an Outside Development Zone site for which the local plan provides for a specific policy. To change that policy therefore there is no need to go to Parliament. • On ODZ sites, residential is not allowed (except as provided for in the Rural policy). • To change a local plan policy, the PA and the relevant ministry would have to go through a process, as set out in the legislation. It is fairly straightforward although it would require some time to go through. The process includes public consultation. • It is not true that the owners would be eligible for compensation if a local plan policy is changed. Compensation is due ONLY if a permit is withdrawn by the PA, which is not the case here. Some of the above interpretation is a bit technical but I think people should be aware of it when discussing the way forward.

  • Pension reform

    Capping of pension needs to increase and people with 40 years NI paid should be able to apply for pension and work at least part time as well irrespective of age 61 or 63 or 65

  • Income tax revision for middle class and words used in speeches and have to be more people friendly

    A huge chunk of the electorate could benefit from tax revision especially middle class and upper middle..I believe that there are also a lot of floating voters here... people would also relate more for example describing something as Tal biza u Tal blieh instead of xokkanti and any other such words

  • The NP is near the people, for the people.

    We serve and will not be served.

  • Being strong means you wil make it.

    Strength in numbers. Strength as a formidable team. Strength in positivity.

  • Bdiwa w Rahala

    Nixtirq nisma aktar dwar Dan is sugget,ghalkem jien mhux involut diretamet jolqotni indiretament,jien Sid ta hanut tal laham qal dawn l ahhar 38 Sena u inhos li Dan is settur ma tantc baqalu hajja twila.jien lest li nati sugerimenti f'dan is settur jekk avicinat. Grazzi