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  • Gonna publici b'iktar hamrija u Sigar

    Gonna publici godda ma ghandux jkollom il-maggoranza taghhom mimlija konkos. Jekk bicca art mdaqqsa, timtela hamrija, jsir thawwil ta' sigar u forsi xi ftit bankijiet fuq art mballta l-area tkun hafna isbah. il-Konkos nhalluh ghal bini u mhux ghal gonna.

  • Infrastruttura serja at transport

    Huwa car li toroq iktar wisajn ma jnaqsux it traffiku. Nisugerixxi 2 soluzjonijiet. 1) mini li jnaqsu il hin ta l-ivjaggar u ma jihdux art. Ez min marsa hamrun bypass al mosta jifrankaw hafna traffic mic centru, jew mina mix xemxija sac cirkewwa tnaqqas it traffiku mil mellieha. 2) mass transport - subway andu diversi limitazjonijiet fic cokon ta Malta imma jek xi hadd jara x'qed jamel Elon Musk bil kumpanija Boring fejn tunnels u karozzi automatici zghar jahdmu b'eletriku iwasslu min post ghal iehor. Din tkun iktar viabli ghal Malta ax tista issir gradwalmenr u jifthu rottot skond il bzonn.

  • Proposal for election electoral

    Free public transport on Sundays and public holidays for all citizens.

  • Switch To Hemp Based Products

    In the last few years, we all have heard about plastic being thrown into our ecosystem and how that is hurting our environment, We have an option but we keep turning our backs at it which is Hemp-based products. From Hemp we can produce plastics that are 100% biodegradable, We can make the same paper that takes 4.1 acres of trees with 1 acre of hemp & Much much more.

  • Income Tax

    Reduce the income tax for the manufacturing industry from 35% to 15%. The manufacturing industry has a lot of disadvantages including prime materials, lack of workers and foreign competition. By reducing the income tax rate, I’m quite confident that the government income will remain the same or increase. Same will happen as when JM reduced the property rent tax to 15%. This will also help tax avoidance. As a director in a family run business who comunicate with a lot of people who own a buisness, everyone talks about this issue.

  • 4 Day week

    4 day week working 10 hours each day

  • Transport Ambjent u Edukazzjoni

    Hemm bzonn issir xi haga dwar it transport f Malta. Pajjiz zghir u allura distanzi qosra pero hawn wisq vetturi ghal din il gzira! li kull ma jmur dejjem jizdiedu! Inutli nwessaw it toroq biex jesaw iktar karozzi! Il mentalita tal poplu trid tinbidel...nuzaw alternattivi ta transport nodfa , fejn hemm bzonn mmorru bil-mixi, nuzaw rota,jistaw jsiru iktar reklami fuq TV fuq dawn it tip ta beneficcji biex tinholoq kuxjenza ezempju iktar rispett lejn ciklisti, jiholqu incentivi biex dak li jkun juza ir rota biex jmur ix xoghol mqar darbtejn fil gimgha. It-toroq taghna ghandom bzonn li jkunu mnaddfa iktar spiss specjalment ghal fatt li min juza r rota bhala mezz ta transport mhux dejjem ikun possibli jsuq fil-genb minhabba haxix hazin li jikber b mod esagerat u anke il hgieg mkisser, zrar u affarijiet ohra u allura jispicca jkun ta periklu kemm ghalih/a u kemm ghas sewwieqa tal vetturi. Dawn huma "quick wins" li nemmen hafna jghinu ghal arja iktar nadifa u ghal stil ta hajja iktar healthy. Fejn jidhol ikel, nemmen li il healthy foods ghandhom ikunu irhas mill junk foods, il hajja saret gholja wisq u tispicca taqa ghal ikel mhux daqsekk healthy ghax ma tkunx taffordja! Fejn tidhol edukazzjoni nemmen illi t tfal minn ta eta zghira ghandom jitghallmu first aid, mental health u iktar sports. Hemm hafna xi jsir b`mod ghaqli minghajr ma jintefqu il-biljuni! Grazzi ta l-oppurtunita

  • Tax harmonization

    There are too many tax evaders and practically little or no enforcement. One of the reasons seems to be that tax rates are too high. There is then the frustration of those who are employed because they sense they are the only ones paying their tax dues as the system has them by the balls. It is not a level playing field. I suggest Malta reviews its tax system to make it fairer and more equitable. High rates of income tax are known to put off many from declaring their full income. There have been innumerable times and methods over the past 60 years to address this shortcoming but CIR inevitably always failed. Enforcement has been lacking and when done, very expensive. In my opinion the exchequer’s emphasis on income tax should be reduced but compensated by better direct taxation. Lower taxation is in fact the main reason so many foreign corporates set up shop or a holding base in Malta, to benefit from a highly discounted tax regime. This clearly has raised the angst of those countries which have seen the flight of so many companies purely for tax purposes. To the extent that remedial action is now proposed at international level to halt this practice by establishing a minimum tax threshold and harmonization. Malta should be looking at a minimum tax regime as well. A minimum that would apply to personal and corporate bodies alike including foreign ones. The quantum would have to be worked out to balance the crest and troughs obtaining with the different categories. Income tax compliance is a problem especially with self employed persons. So many are unreliable and it is very expensive and cumbersome for any government to address it. A reasonable flat income tax rate may be the solution. Tax Equality may reduce the need to evade. A tax harmony with all corporates including the foreign ones. Some would argue that a leaner tax regime would equate into a better income to government as payers will sense an acceptable and equitable win win situation. But should a fall in income to the coffers ensue it will need to be offset by a compensating increase elsewhere. Inheritance tax and VAT direct taxation come to mind as fairer and more effective avenues.

  • Transportation

    Though some relief was provided, by increasing the efficiency and capacity of our road network, this was very short-sighted and didn’t address the problem. We need a progressive mind-shift to switch to more efficient and sustainable modes of transport (including walking, cycling, buses). A very high cost solution would be to introduce an efficient underground transport system, such as the one in major cities like London, Tokyo etc. I believe this could work well in Malta, due to our small size. However there are also cheaper alternatives like - 1. City delivery depots- in places like Valletta, sliema and st.julians were there is a high amount of commercial activity, I humbly suggest to start introducing ‘delivery depots’. Basically all merchandise is deposited in this depot and than transported by this same ‘delivery depots’ to the businesses one by one throughout the city. This will immediately alleviate a lot of traffic, as there only needs to be a single delivery truck in the city/town, doing deliveries (instead of having multiple delivery trucks from different companies supplying any number of shops/ businesses). 2.Most of the traffic congestion is also caused by the limited parking spaces on our island. Personally I sometimes spent 30 minutes or more to find a parking place. I suggest a new policy to introduce more public/ private parking spaces in each town/city (especially places like the north harbor area). We also need more incentives for people to build more garages with any new development, instead of the current garage policy. 3. Improve cycle lanes- a simple way to improve our cycle lanes would be to put clear markings on every street/zebra crossing. These cycle lanes should have adequate space from busy roads and pedestrians when space permits. Also we need to remove all obstacles which would make the cyclist dismount and continue on foot.

  • Electric Cars

    1. Charging points obligatory in all new apartments block 2. Garages obligatory in all apartment block - remove the option of paying a fee to remove garages. 3. Charging point s obligatory in all public car park like supermarkets, cinema, shopping complex etc. 4. Install points in all car park areas like ghadira, sliema, etc. 5. Reserved public car spaces for only electric cars. 6. Only Electric cars can go in town village cores, like Valletta, Floriana, etc.

  • Excise Duty

    Remove the Excise duty on health and beauty products such as toothpaste, deodorants, shampoos, perfumes, soaps etc. This was introduced some years ago with the excuse that it will replace the ecotax but it was just an additional tax added on to importers which was then passed on to the consumers. It is an extra burden for importers which comes at a cost as they are also charged administration fees and handling costs due to this calculation and all.

  • Resistenza Effettiva

    Kull meta Konrad Mizzi u Jew Edward Zammit Lewis jidhlu fil parlament l opposizzjoni tohrog l Barra.

  • Work a figure for all the corruption deals under Labour and calculate it per person

    I think the Maltese find it hard to put into perspective the cost of corruption. When the PN flags Government Corruption, the common citizen is thinking "they think they are better than them but they're not" i.e. its hard to win the argument when it comes to the principle aspect. But money is a different story! The Maltese citizen is much more concerned about his money. The booming economy is probably the largest factor of Labour's success, regardless of the ways and means, but people are happy because they have MONEY. Then I believe that is the argument that needs to be pushed on the table - what was the cost of corruption? Quoting Millions is unrealistic, in the sense, a person can't usually put that into perspective of how this translates into his life. Then go ahead and help them do it. This can be done by estimating the cost per person, and if need be per year. If say, we take what is being paid out to Vitals in a year which is Eur70mln and getting nothing back for it. Divide roughly by population 500,000 people than roughly in a year I have paid Eur140 to the government to go to Vitals. People can relate to this figure, and then compare it to the Eur100 vouchers they were given. One cay argue, that money could have been used to build a new hospital, school or whatever other project that Malta needs. But most importantly, the message needs to be as personal as possible - you have paid that amount of tax - and you have been robbed! Make them aware, that money is yours, you have been paying for those corrupt deals - you could have gone to a weekend break instead with your family - but instead your hard-earned money has been used to finance corrupt deals. Vitals is also a solid argument, in the sense that it can be used to promise the money back if the deal can be annulled through the courts. I remember the mantra of the famous Eur500k a week salary increase pushed by PL back in 2013....people could relate to that. Give them another mantra now!

  • We really need to present our potential ministers AND we need to get them heard.

  • Attend public NGO activities

    PN may wish to consider sending a representative to attend public meetings organised by NGO’s especially when the party supports the cause being promoted. The party must not only expect people to attend its activities but PN needs to be more present and listen wherever a just cause is addressed.

  • Mental health first aid and education in schools and workplaces

    Mental health is a crucial determinant to overall physical health. Since the place of work is a huge part of every employee’s life, the presence of multiple stressors at work can give rise to a range of problems in both personal and professional lives. In the same way, struggling to cope with stress caused by personal issues may decrease the ability of performing well at work. The current context needs to call for more work to: provide support to frontline staff; improve communication with patients, families, hospital staff and service providers; and distribute comprehensive information and advice regarding mental well-being to allay fear and apprehension among the public and schools, using multiple means of resources available. Past achievements and recent changes augur well for more widespread developments that will permeate the whole mental-health system and enrich the delivery of quality mental-health services to patients and families. It is Malta’s and the PN’s aim that these services will have a continued focus on low-income families, disadvantaged groups and high-risk individuals whereby the stigma and discrimination associated with mental disorders will be eliminated from Maltese society.

  • Pensjoni

    Suġġeriment għall- program elettorali. Il-pensjoni tal-bolla tingħata kollha lin-nies li kienu fl-Armata jew il-puliżija. Bħalissa l-pensjoni li tingħata hi bin-nofs. Dan għaliex hemm dawn in-nies għandhom il-pensjoni tas-serviżż - armata jew dik tal-puliżija. Dan mhux ġust għax wara kollox, il-bolla tħallset kollha u mhux ġust li tingħata parti biss minnha bl-skuża li diġa hemm pensjoni oħra. Il-pensjoni tas-serviżż ingħatat lin-nies tal-armata u l-puliżija għax dawn parti minn xogħolhom u li jissograw ħajjithom fil-qadi ta' dmirijiethom. Għalhekk kull pensjoni għandha tingħata kollha.

  • Registration Tax and Vat paid on Electric Vehicles/Bikes

    If we truly want to make the change, these taxes should be immediately abolished.

  • Service Charge on Water and Electricity Meters

    If when applying for a new service, one pays for the installation, why should we continue on paying for its service charge? For sure, this is already included in the existing tariffs!! So why paying again?

  • Complete removal of Succession Tax Duty

    Paying this unfair and injustice tax which double charge (or even more, if kept within the same family), on one's estate is a complete rip off. This should be immediately abolished.