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Forsi għandek suġġeriment dwar kif intejbu l-inħawi tiegħek, jew kif il-PN jista’ jsir aktar effettiv.

Dejjem emminna fil-mod kif insaħħu ċ-ċittadin biex itejjeb il-ġid komuni.

Irridu nibdlu dawn l-ideat f’realtà. Allura aqsamhom hawn u ibni fuq is-suġġerimenti ta’ nies oħra.

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  • Can anybody not agree?

  • I suggest Dr. Cassola will form part with PN.

    Dr. Cassola is a honest man. Also he's values are close to the PN

  • 3 Pointers for the Electoral campaign to focus upon

    Whilst many know how in the past detailed Electoral programmes were presented by the PN. Sometimes there were hundreds of valid proposals but unfortunately these were not marketed well enough to be understood and remembered by all. So PN should focus on 3 main pillars (apart from the other hundreds of proposals) and continuously mention these with priority – with special reference upon proposals which would generate higher income to citizens (ex: Reduction of Fuel prices // Reduction of W&E tariffs // Reduction of Income Tax – with priority continuously)

  • Political Party Financials

    Depending on donations in today’s world is surreal. As we have been experiencing, the parties somehow remain hostages to big pockets since one of their main sources of income is highly dependable on public donations. Political parties cannot be managed like a Football club where if you have a rich temporary president / donor, the club affords to invest and if not, the club’s success remains at stake. Political party financials need to be discussed to have a sustainable source of income without being a hostage to anyone and function on the same level field

  • Selmun Barracks

    it is about time that we take care of this area in Selmun. My suggestion is that we convert this area into a 'Military' style tourist attraction. the barracks will have to be built in the same way as they are and converted into 'rooms' where people can book and pass a short holiday there. the military style attraction means that the people taking care of this area will be organising military style life like breakfast in the morning in a common canteen, dressed in military uniforms, doing some military training and also organising events in a military style like jeep tours, cultural outings visiting military museums and sites. Even the layout will be like a military style but with modernisation of the place, this will lead to a good upkeep of the area. i will be willing to explain more this idea in person

  • Building of the Old Theatre in Valletta

    i think it is about time that we take the commitment to build the Malta Opera House like it was originally. this will give our capital city a grand building adding it to the recently restored buildings in Valletta, i am sure this will go very well with the people.

  • Decentralising some govt services from Floriana/Valletta

    my suggestion is that the local councils should provide an 'office' where Inland Revenue workers can support people from various localities in the area so that there will be no need for the people to go to Floriana and stay after a long queue to get a service. Although there is the online service, some people still feel that going personally is the best way. Knowing the fact that Malta is small island and people know each other, my idea is to have workers at the local council within the area of the vicinity. EX lets say the Fgura local council will be offering this service, employees working at the Inland Revenue coming from the south area will be offering this service twice a week. Ex someone from Marsaskala can drive to Fgura and offer this service there. Today all you need is a VPN and connect directly to the igovt system. like this people in Fgura will be able to go to the council offices and get the service from there, this should start as a pilot exercise and then start to be implemented across the island. Other services can be intorduced as well.

  • Ferry Trip from Marsa to Mgarr Gozo

    I suggest that we review the possibility that one of the Gozo Ferries will be able to do a trip(s) on Friday evening giving the possibility of all those handling cargo to go directly from Marsa (the place where shipping Contaniers arrive) to Mgarr. this will avoid the hassle for them to drive to Cirkewwa in the evening especially in Winter. They just will need to stay there and wait for the ferry to take them over. I am sure that the Ferry is capable of docking at Ras Hanzir or il Menqa where they can take up cargo or heavy vehicles. this in my opinion will be a great move for them knowing the fact that the trip from Sa Maison was removed.

  • Review of Court operation in order to overhaul it from the 1920's to the 2020's

  • Review of Court operation in order to overhaul it from the 1920's to the 2020's

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave Sharing Option

    Our maternity/paternity laws in this country and severely outdated and need to be revised for the modern world we have been living in for the past decade or more. There should be an allowance for couples to be able to share any "birth leave" between them should they wish to do so. This could be the current 18 weeks provided as maternity or, if financially viable, more. Current conditions are sexist and promote the gender pay gap and this is a relatively simple measure to implement from a practical standpoint. This is a way to promote gender equality throughout the country. It's been implemented in other countries with relative success so I do not see how it can't work here.

  • Use and promotion of local flora

    We should strive to use as much indigenous and endemic flora for the greening of the island in all locations (no more foreign plants and grasses) We should take note of years of evolution whereby these plants have adapted to the climate of our islands and continue to adapt This will reduce maintenance costs and water wastage, while retaining the “greenification effect” and the jobs in this sector.

  • Urban Greening (a necessity)

    There are a host of benefits to urban greening such as those associated with physical and mental health, environmental benefits and even economic benefits. All of these have been proven time and time again and yet we are losing the little urban green areas we have left. In order to stop this, emphasis must be placed on Urban Greening initiatives throughout all localities on the island. Initiatives to do this should include the inclusion of planning law that states that a minimum percentage of all localities must be "green areas" where that minimum is something relatively significant (at least 20%) and the term green area is clearly defined so as not to have this abused like most other planning laws. A minimum percentage of these "green areas" in turn must be made open to the public by the government for added benefit. Most areas should be left relatively "wild" which means that significantly less public funding will be required while still retaining naturally occurring flora which has evolved to survive and thrive on the islands which in turn would also require less water consumption and wastage. There is no need to spend millions of Euros to open up green public spaces. E.g. Green area in Mosta to be transformed into green public area (https://timesofmalta.com/articles/view/abandoned-mosta-field-to-be-turned-into-public-garden.892804). This is a great initiative but there is no need to spend a million Euros and get rid of most of the greenery that nature already put there. All that is required is some pruning and the use of natural materials, possibly already available on the land to create benches and bins, and that’s it. Same goes for other projects and that money can be used on creating more green areas (1 million Euro for 5 green areas instead of 1)

  • Increase emphasis on local farming and self-sustainability

    We should be promoting the production, purchasing and consumption of sustainably produced local produce but instead we let fields be turned into residences, car parks or fake greenhouse. We need to implement initiatives (legal and educational) in order to promote local producers (farmers, fisherman, etc.) that utilise sustainable practices by providing support frameworks and educating/pushing locals to opt for local produce over imported items where possible. Promotion of sustainable Agri-Tourism practices and setups would be one way of doing this while also promoting a new form of tourism and supporting local farmers. Subsidise the purchasing of agricultural land for individuals who wish to farm it through property tax rebates or government loans for farmland. These are just a few suggestions and I'm sure there are many more initiatives that your think tank can come up that will promote self-sustainability while also boosting the local economy (win-win).

  • Malta Cultural Heritage Fund

    Every day we are losing parts of our history, culture and natural environment, and the government should be the ones safeguarding all of these for the citizens of the past, present and future, but they have not done enough in the past and continue to degrade our islands. This is why I feel it would be prudent for the next government to take action and show they mean business. The Malta Cultural Heritage Fund would be a partnership with cultural and environmental NGOs (e.g. Din L-Art Helwa, Wirt Artna) and Heritage Malta for the setting up of a government/crowd-funded fund managed by NGOs for the purchasing of sanctioned buildings with cultural, historical or architectural significance and plots of land at proper value (not inflated market value) as well as the preservation of these properties with the aim of opening them up to the public and for use as venues (weddings, parties, events, etc.), public gardens with complementing amenities, farmland for production of local produce, for which the profits will then be injected back into the fund. There are many ways to further elaborate on this but this suggestion gives a good skeleton to how to get things started.

  • Greener and cleaner environment

    I need to emphasize the amount of waste/litter that can be seen while doing my daily run, especially along countryside roads or remote areas. Unfortunately this is an eysore to whoever visits Malta, and also the residents in every locality. Although education alongside law enforcement is always encouraging to protect our environment and keep the environemt clean, this is not enough. Most of this waste can be recycled, and Malta should introduce a system or a service, maybe with the help of the local councils, to make a schedule of waste collection in these countryside roads or remote areas, where litter is easily visible and collected from road sides.

  • Consultation with residents before Transport Malta implementations

    I would like to recommend that before Transport Malta implements any changes to roads like adding barriers to main roads, adding junctions or any other change that the residents of that locality together with the local council is consulted. Currently, most changes that Transport Malta implement do not make sense and are making peoples lives that much more difficult.

  • Smoking cessation support

    Helping people stop smoking is crucial to promote long term health … and save healthcare costs. Quitline do an excellent job but resources are limited and patients cannot access smoking cessation medications for free. Nicotine patches used to be available for free for smokers admitted to hospital but under the current administration this is no longer so. My suggestion: - implementation of nicotine replacement medication (patches and gum) and Champix tablets on schedule 5 for patients to access for free - reinstatement of inpatient access to nicotine replacement therapy - increased community smoking cessation clinics, public health campaigns and Quitline support

  • Employee retention.

    Today we have a major crisis to ensure that the employer finds the right employees. Not only are employees scarce but very few companies are giving priority to employee retention. Moreover, one asks, why are teachers, health care workers leaving their jobs? Can others, such as police officers, be fully motivated and efficient? Respect? Recognition? Remuneration? Lack of planning? A new government has to address all these issues and more. A long term plan is required, together with a short term plan. Do we accept that poor planning is the outcome of many an issue? What we really need are people who respect people, via transparency, honesty, planning, innovation, creativity and to ensure that together we all form formidable teams at place of work. This is what I want to see done and this is actually what I would like to do.

  • Employer Funded Retirement Plan

    Similar to 401k. An employer funded retirement plan (encouraged by state with tax breaks) to start a retirement fund with employer matching the contribution of employee. Funds can be used either at retirement or to finance first property.