I saw one of your billboards again focusing on PL. Isn't it time you had a deep look within and discussed what needs to change there instead of fixating on the external? Every day I live in hope that the opposition will become a strong, unified focused party engaged in taking action on pressing issues for Malta and her people. There is so much work to be done just to pick up the pieces of your broken party, apart from creating a sense of trust and faith in you. The dinosaurs need to get out of the picture fast if you want to appeal to a varied cross section of society and move with the times, in a no-nonsense and practical manner. I know this comment will probably fall on deaf ears but being an eternal optimist I still believe this can be done. It's the only way credibility will be gained with those who are disillisioned with you. And don't forget that women make up 50% of your electorate as well, also food for thought when paving the way forward. Good luck.