The Nationalist Party joins the international community and deeply regrets the escalation of violence in Gaza which costed considerable loss of life. We appeal to all parties to act responsibly and exercise caution such that the present situation does not escalate further.

Freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations must be respected, and we call on Israel to adopt a cautious response to all actions that can be perceived as a threat. Use of force must be proportionate and both parties should refrain from putting the lives of civilians, particularly those of minors, in any danger.

We believe that this continued unrest will be to the detriment of the prospects of the two-state solution and constructive peace talks between Israel and Palestine, which Malta supports. We also believe the status of Jerusalem as a capital city must be mutually agreed upon through meaningful peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

The Nationalist Party calls on the international community to assist with new initiatives such that peaceful coexistence be set for the future of these peoples. A peace much longed for and deserved.

Carm Mifsud Bonnici

Opposition Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs