Your vote is your voice and it's time for you to be heard.

Here are four reasons why you should vote now: 


1. Because corruption hurts your pocket

The truth is: corruption at the top means you pay for others to feast on the spoils of illegalities. We must stop this so the real benefits of our economy get to you.


2. Because you deserve better

Can you imagine the opportunities created if you had a Government that is not focused on getting rich, but rather serving you?


 3. Because you need a change too

We were all let down - that’s the truth. Many people regret decisions they’ve taken and you certainly know someone who voted Muscat in 2013 and is now hurt. Let’s change that together. Now. 


4. Because if you don’t decide, others will do it for you

You’re not interested in politics? Think again. It affects every day of your life. If you don’t make your voice heard, others will speak on your behalf and you might not like what they stand for.