PN Manifesto: What’s In It For Students?

Students are at the heart of the Nationalist Party’s vision for Malta 2030. The main aim of the plan is to encourage more people from all walks of life to become the most successful versions of themselves. This will radically increase Malta’s economic growth, social fabric and international performance. 

1. The maintenance grant will go up by 25% for all students

From €565.87 students will start receiving €707.33 at the beginning of the academic year. This will encourage disadvantaged students to keep pursuing higher education but will also help all students invest in better learning equipment and resources.   


2. Stipends will increase by 25% for students active in voluntary organisations

To encourage students to participate in civil society, any student working in a registered voluntary organisation will start receiving €114.70 every four weeks instead of €91.75. This will also apply to students pursuing education degrees, as announced in Bernard Grech’s budget speech. 

3. €500 voucher for 16- to 21-year-olds to travel abroad and broaden their horizons

This voucher is for sports or culture related travel and could help students gain experiences abroad to improve their performance in Malta. 


4. Tax credits for MQ5+ courses under the Get Qualified programme

This will incentivise more students to obtain higher qualifications that help them get access to better jobs.


5. The creation of 10 new economic sectors in Malta

This will provide more jobs that are better paid and do not cause harm to the environment, lowering our dependency on industries like construction. We will also involve the University and Malta Council for Science and Technology to ensure closer collaboration


6. A new strategy for Further and Higher Education 

We need a new strategy that focuses on attracting international talent and fostering local talent to fuel these 10 new economic sectors, which include the Metaverse, robotics, energy optimisation and others. 


7. Investment to bring talent back

We will invest in internationalisation programmes that attract Maltese living abroad to work closer to Malta


8. A commitment to ‘what you know’ not ‘who you know’ 

It shouldn’t be money or family connections that lets you unlock your talent and this is our firm commitment.


9. A commitment to educational excellence in sports and the arts

These sectors require more investment in education and training, including with new centres. 

10. Students (and anyone under 21) earning less than €12,000 will not have to pay social security (NI)

This is for student workers who will be therefore encouraged to keep pursuing their careers. 


11. More investment in the education sector

For the first time, education expenditure will be tied to GDP, ensuring that it will be proportional to our country’s growth, not left on the back burner. 

12. A €300 grant to parents of under 18-year-olds to invest in sports, performing arts or culture

This will allow more young people to pursue their dreams and ambitions, while providing more role-models to our children. 


13. Massive investment in apprenticeships 

Government will create a Program of Apprenticeship Excellence, which will give opportunities to students with more vocational and technical inclinations than academic. Companies that provide such training opportunities will receive 200% of their investment in fiscal credits and the government will also pay up to 35% of the salaries for apprenticeships.


14. The right to study leave

Students in full-time employment will be given the right for study leave during exam periods to encourage them to complete their studies.

15. Startups won’t pay tax if they re-invest in their business

Startups which have a strong component of Research, Technological Development and Innovation will not pay tax on their first €500,000 profit as long as they reinvest earnings into the company instead of taking dividends. 

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