Many of us dedicate our lives to our jobs. Our workplace tends to be where we spend the majority of our time, more than our own homes. Our work colleagues are the people we spend the most time with. So one can understand the frustration, disappointment, and anger, for somebody who has suffered an injustice at the place or work. And it's even worse when this injustice was committed by the State itself, for those who work for government.

All we want is to be treated equally. Every person just wants to have the same opportunities as anyone else. What we do not and cannot cope with is the feeling that for some reason beyond our comprehension, we are treated unfairly and differently - the feeling that we are not given the same opportunities, for some reason we have become outcasts. We keep asking why, but are never given a sufficient logical reason. This just makes it worse!

The Nationalist Party is determined to ensure that every worker is given equal opportunities, that no one is left behind. We want to ensure that we feed workers dedication, that we enhance our one and only natural resource (human resource) to strive for greater things. We want to see that all workers are treated fairly and equally. We believe that there is no room for discrimination at the place of work!

We want to eradicate work injustice once and for all. We want to ensure that we address every work injustice and ensure that those who suffered are compensated for their unnecessary misfortune. This is why we have created the injustice board to see this is done as quickly as possible. The new PN Government led by Bernard Grech will ensure you will be given your rights back, whether the injustice happened under a Labour government or a PN government.

Ivan Castillo


A candidate from the people for the people. Kandidat f'isem il-Partit Nazzjonalista għall-Elezzjoni Ġenerali fuq it-12 Distrett.